Without the gym, the woman’s weight loss plan is still successful with a 21kg reduction

For Amber, her weight loss plan is to exercise at home 5 days/week and cut back on most dairy foods and make it into a self-made diet.

Memorable birthday

On her 21st birthday – a milestone in her life – Amber Johnson was really uncomfortable with her body. Sharing with Self magazine, she said she “really did not want to appear with this kind of birthday”.

After getting married, she quickly rose to nearly 14kg after the wedding. Amber shares: “After the wedding, my husband and I eat outside or eat lunch box that much is not healthy food”. That is why she gained weight “like the wind”. Prior to Amber’s birthday, her husband had to serve in the Navy, so on her unmarried birthday, she realized how much her body had changed.

She decided to spend time away from her husband to set up new, healthy habits. “After my birthday, I decided to do this (exercise) during his absence. That’s what I need to focus on for myself”, she said.p

Amber Johnson before and after losing weight.

Amber Johnson before and after losing weight.

Weight loss plan does not require a gym

First, Amber began to eat more at home. She signed up for the Whole 30 program (30 days of weight loss), focusing on the removal of processed foods. She also set up a proper exercise routine at home. This approach has helped her to reduce her weight gain since her marriage. After seven months, her husband returned, but Amber kept her healthy habits and she continued to lose another 7kg next year.

Johnson said: “Now I feel much more comfortable and confident. My life is completely different from the past, and it makes me really proud that I am living a healthy lifestyle. I can not imagine that I can regain my physique like before.”.

For Amber, her weight loss plan is to exercise at home five days a week and cut back on most dairy foods and make it into a self-made diet. She found that home-based exercise was a good approach and best suited her lifestyle.

Because of back problems, when starting a fitness journey, Amber needs proper exercises. Although she has been successful in physical therapy and acupuncture, she is still worried about back pain (especially when she has no official symptoms diagnosed by the doctor), so she needs more careful.

“I bought a PiYo collective DVD as a birthday present, because I wanted to find a practice that I could practice without over-bashing my back”, she said. She was fascinated by the Pilates series of Yoga combinations because it was described as having little effect.

Amber worked hard at home and never went to the gym.

Amber worked hard at home and never went to the gym.

“What surprised me at the beginning of the exercise was how it worked on my back problem”, she said. She continues to check with the doctor when needed and her advice is “When you are dealing with pain or injury and want to start a fitness program, first talk to your doctor”.

After the Whole 30 diet ended, she switched to starting workout with the 21 Days Fix DVD. These are exercises that combine more challenging strength exercises, so she quickly repels the apple’s body.

Regardless of the exercise routine, all of Amber’s exercises have in common: do not go to the gym. She did not even remember the last time she walked into a gym because she always exercised at home. She even convinced herself that she did not have to go to the gym, just wake up, get dressed and practice.

Flexible exercise schedule

Amber Johnson has chosen Saturday, Sunday is 2 days rest and practice continuously from Monday to Friday of the week. This is a healthy exercise plan that she has maintained for nearly two years.

“I really tried fitness five days a week, and during the weekends I tried to spend time with my husband, so I did not practice”, she said. And she continues to use health monitoring machines to maintain her daily work for 5 days a week.

Now, while still maintaining his weight loss with this eating and practice habits, Amber still tries to find better ways to take care of her health. Previously, she hated cardiovascular exercises but now she has started practicing it. “It is interesting because I need to do something else to see if it can make other changes in the body, so that’s why I started doing the exercises. I always really doubt myself in all that I did, but then I kept up the exercise. Although I’m not the strongest, I’m stronger than I thought. This made me very proud.”, she said.

The success of losing weight helps her to realize she is stronger than she thinks.

The success of losing weight helps her to realize she is stronger than she thinks.

Amber’s advice

Weight loss is a journey, each one has a way of looking at it in different ways. It is important to know that although weight loss is a goal, it is not necessarily for everyone. For anyone with a history of eating disorders (even when recovering), you should talk to your doctor before starting a new eating plan or pursuing weight loss. And even if you have no history of eating disorders, it is important to remember that there are realistic expectations, as well as ensuring you are following a healthy diet.

Weight loss can be extremely difficult and takes a very long time to maintain as well as gain. People may also have different ways of losing weight, and although exercise, eating healthy food is very important, sleeping habits, stress levels, genetics and other health factors also play a role. The role can not be ignored in any method of weight loss.

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