Which frappe is good for losing weight?

If you love frappe but fretting about gaining weight because of drinking them, this post will help you solve this concern by giving you the frappe which helps you lose weight effectively.

Frappe is made of fruit and contains many good nutritional values for the health. A cup of frappe after doing exercise is enough. However, some of vitamins is good for losing weight while the others have risk in increasing the blood sugars. Today, we will suggest some fruit and kinds of frappe for getting thinner.


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Apple includes many nutritional factors especially micronutrients, vitamin and fruit acid. This is also the favorite drink of Europe stars because it provide full of nutrition. Moreover, apple has richness in fiber, so, it helps lose weight effectively.


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Mango is very popular in our country. This fruit not only is delicious but also helps lose weight effectively. Ripe mango contains high level of folic acid, calcium, B1, B2 vitamin and has ability to dispel abdominal distension as well as construe fat. After each meal, using a half of mango or mango frappe is useful for taking of the weight.


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Strawberry contains many kinds of vitamin especially vitamin C and is rich in fiber, manganese which are good for digestive process and metabolism. In addition, strawberry can increase the ability to burn the calories. If you enjoy strawberry, you can use it to making salad, frappe or directly eat it.


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Blueberry helps you decrease the risk of aging skin as well as sweet carving. It owns amazing benefits. This fruit has pterostilbene, which helps decompose the fat. Besides, it includes the low sugar content (only 7.3g in each 100g), that is really resulted for those who want to provide enough vitamin and nutrition for their body weight when losing weight. Losing weight with blueberry, you won’t ever worry about lacking nutrition as well as darkening of skin.


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Potato is available material in each kitchen for both cooking and making drink. Potato has low calories and richness in citric and acid which stimulate the metabolism, burning fat and lycopene which moderates the growth of fat cells; and absorb fat. Moreover, eating potato can prevent constipation. Especially, potato contains high in vitamin and less in sweet and fat. Therefore, this fruit is very good for getting thinner.

Wish you have good health and nice body!

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