What to eat to lose weight and belly fat in 7 days?

What to eat to lose weight crash or what to do to take off weight in a week is a frequent question of every person, who wants to lose weight by following a strict regimen. A reasonable diet will help you lose weight fast. In this post, we will learn this diet and find what needs to avoid losing weight effectively.


There are numerous efficient losing weight methods but the safe and long term result method is changing diet. To own a slim belly, you need to combine losing weight food as well as exercise.

  1. Eat food rich in fiber

Food rich in fiber is answer for the question what to eat to lose weight. Fiber is considered as safe food to lose weight. Fiber is useful for not only the gastrointestinal tract, skin but also those who want to have slim and firmed belly.

Vegetable and fruit have high rate of fiber. Therefore, it is easy to choose a kind of vegetable and fruit you like. However, you should pay attention to some facts to get high effect like:

  • Fiber helps losing weight fast but eating too much it a day will cause belching, cramps, and lack of mineral. So, each day, men should eat 31-38 grams of fiber and women should eat 12-28 grams of fiber.
  • Because of the limitation of fiber to eat each day so you need to choose some kinds of vegetable and fruit like cauliflower, cabbage, apple, and grapefruit, orange. These kinds of food contain high rate of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin which are support energy for your body but don’t cause obese.

You should add more vegetable and fruit to your meals and divide them into many meals to losing weight faster.

  1. Eat more seafood

Seafood is very good for those who want to lose weight fast. It brings you high rate of protein and calcium, which make you healthy and powerful for all day.

Seafood is low in fat and doesn’t cause accumulating water under skin.

In addition, it is not only delicious and nutritional but also abundant, diversified as well. You can add seafood into your losing weight diet in order to make it attractive.

We suggest the way to eat food to avoid gain weight:

  • Eat fried seafood as less as possible, instead, you boil, steam, bake it.
  • Seafood soup contains low rate of fat so you can combine seafood soup with vegetable to increase the result of losing weight.
  • Seafood gruel is very nutritional. You can cook gruel with calm, cuttle, shrimp or fish for lunch and dinner to reduce the rate of starch.
  1. Eat more poultry and egg

Similar to seafood, poultry and egg are healthy and don’t gain weight.

We suggest how to eat poultry and egg to lose weight:

  • Boil or steam them to keep the nutrition and reduce the fat.
  • Don’t eat them and rice together because it stimulates absorption of the fat. Instead, you should eat them with vegetable and fruit.
  • Only boil egg.
  1. Eat food containing carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is usually in bread, pea, potato, rice, cereals. When eaten, it is kept in muscle and liver as glycogen. Glycogen stores water 3 times as its weight, while fat and protein don’t. Therefore, using food containing carbohydrate helps limit the space to store of the fat. However, you should not eat too much this kind of food, otherwise, it is counterproductive.

  • The amount of carbohydrate should be 37% in the amount of calories you add into the body each day.
  • You only feed carbohydrate at midday, 30 minutes before having meal and never load it after having meal.
  1. Eat more water

What to drink to lose weight fast is also frequent question of person, who wants to lose weight. Water is considered as effective kind of drink which helps takeoff weight well. Water doesn’t include chemistry affecting to lose weight.

Drinking water make you feel full so you reduce to eat. In addition, water can detoxify, purify your body and beautify your skin you should water as following to get better result:

  • Drink a cup of warm water after waking up 10 minutes. It helps purify the body and lose weight well.
  • Drink a cup of water before having meals in order to make you full, and eat less.

Besides, you should limit to use alcohol drink. These kinds of drink not only affect to your liver, reins, stomach negatively but also cause belly fat. Thus, changing your diet can help lose belly fat faster.

After reading this post, you might have the answers for the question at top. We advise you to apply the method we’ve mentioned above to lose weight safely and effectively.

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