What is the best exercise, diet and supplements to take to reduce stomach fat?


What is the best exercise, diet and supplements to take to reduce stomach fat?


Answer 1:

I am not so sure about the supplement, but as far as exercise goes you should stick to good ole CARDIO!! I know that’s a drag, but keep in mind that no matter how many crunches you do you won’t see results. This is because crunches and other abdominal workouts work to strengthen the muscle, not burn fat.
In order to burn fat of any sort I would suggest a program of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This is explained as periods of high intensity exercise, followed by recovery periods.
It has always been thought that low-intensity training (where your heart rate is between 60%-65% of your max heart rate) is the optimal work-out for fat burning, but new research has now shown that a higher intensity training (in the range 65% to 75% of your maximum heart rate) will burn twice the amount of fat as the low-intensity training. Keep in mind that any activity that reaches beyond 75% MHR burns LESS fat than when you stick between 65-75. There are many many websites that suggest a High Intensity Interval Training program, all you need is some research! 
In order to calculate what your max heart rate (MHR) should be:
MHR = 206.9 – (0.67 x age)
there are also a lot of online calculators you can use if you do not want to figure it out yourself.
Good luck!!

Answer 2:

Hi, My experience goes back in Dec 2008, I weigh 81Kg, and I was not happy with my stomach fat as well. I did sit-ups and crunches but it didn’t work out to remove the fats. After doing some research, I discover that the way to reduce the stomach fats is just burn off the fats. How? My own discovery is simply exercising and dieting. I can see my weight went down every month just by doing some kind of cardio, sweat out exercises. Today I weigh a good 70Kg. What I did? I did swimming (just a few laps once a week), walk & jog (just slow & steady jog at distance 2km to 3km once a week, and have a good sweat out!), playing a sports that I enjoy (I picked up badminton).

For meals, very simply. Eat as per normal but stop when you feel you are already full. I took only a good meal per day (usually either for breakfast or lunch), then for dinner I only drink a good bowl of soup and plain water. Strange enough, this routine has suit me well as I do not feel hungry all the times, of course if you are hungry, please carry on take something light like biscuits, drink some nice hot soup, juices , just to curb the hungry feeling. Hungry does not mean you got to have a heavy meal. (P.S. I did not take any supplements at all.. none..zero..)

I just keep the above routines for a good 6 months and now I am happy with the results. Well, one point to share though, I do not have the killer abs yet, but my stomach fats has indeed “burned” off. Hope my personal experiences had helped you.

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