What is the best diet plan to do and stick with?


I need help i want to try to lose 20-30 pounds by summer.. If someone can help me with a good diet plan that is good and can stick to… Help


Answer 1:

Forget diets, you need a change of lifestyle. Start out by cutting out 200-300 calories a day. This should be easy. If you drink soda’s, stop, drink water. Water is vital. Any candy or other refined sugars (junk food) cut them out. Exercise, even if it only means walking 15-30 minutes a night.
You go on some atkins diet or other trendy diet to lose weight, and guess what happens the moment you stop that diet? You put the weight right back on and you screw up your metabolism. Waste of time.
For what it’s worth, I lost 50 lbs doing what I did above. And I still get to enjoy some of the unhealthy pleasures I so love just by keeping up with what I eat, eating in moderation and getting a little exercise.
You want to lose 1-3 lbs a week. Any more is unhealthy.
One last note, don’t watch the scales too closely. If you work out, you will build muscle and muscle is heavier than fat. Good luck.

Answer 2:

First and Foremost, the word diet shouldn’t be in your mind as a system of quick results to get you to where you want and then you stay there, a diet is a collection of the foods you eat and the lifestyle you choose to live by.

With that being said, you are going to have to change your lifestyle in order to drop that many pounds, or get to a reasonable level of bodyfat.

The first thing you must do is pick up weight training. Women to not bulk very well, so I wouldn’t worry so heavily on this. When you step into the gym, you must have a mindset that you are here to do circuit training with multi-jointed compound exercises.

Circuit training, if you don’t already know, is a very good alternative to cardio. Multi joint compound exercises are -the- most hated and hardest of all exercises (Not my opinion, but whatever). Ex: Squats, Deadlifts, Benches, dips, pullups, powercleans, pull overs, etc. Only use a split that would be three or two days a week, never consecutive.

Cardio exercise should be a staple. You can’t just run 30 minutes a day and expect great abs. You have to work for it, at your hardest, and some days at your lightest. Constant change will keep your body guessing for whats coming next. This is where success happens.

Next, the most important, is what you put into your mouth. I have researched through every guru about what percent ratio Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats should be. I currently live in a world where Protein is king, Carbohydrates fuel me, and Fats keep my blood sugar level stable when Im at work. I would recommend you toy with what works for you.

In interest to diet, you are going to need to create a good calorie deficit. You’re going to be aiming for 2 lbs a week (Any more and you’re tearing down tissues, not only muscle).
Todo this, you need to clash 500 calories from your diet, and approx 250-500 through exercise. That is a lot of exercise per day.

Now if you’re an endomorph like I used to be considered, then the type of carbohydrates will determine if you store or burn fat. Low Glycemic Index carbs are all vegetables, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, oats (NOT INSTANT OR ROLLED, steel cut).
Fats should come from nuts and plants, Protein from Eggs, Lean cuts of meat, lots of fish. Be very careful as to what you eat. I cook everything that I eat.

Lot’s of water to keep yourself hydrated, I would not recommend any other drinks. Maybe green tea or Milk (After a weight workout)

Put this all together in your own schedule, make health and low bodyfat/diet/exercise a top priority, and summer will be good to you.


Been training all my life, going to school for exercise science/nutrition, read and have spoken at many conferences, worst genetics ever and used it to my advantage.
Answer 3:
You will love this. Who has time to count calories and who want’s to? I had to lose 18 pounds in 1 month in order to go to a non-commision officer school while in the army. I did it, and I ate alot of food with little excercise. I came up with my own way to lose weight the healthy way by combining all that I have learnd through out my life. Do this and you will start to look and feel great in 1 to 2 weeks.

Here are the facts of how food and our body works:

Salt – stores water
Surgar – stores fat
Protien – burns fat and aids in lean muscle
Body – 24 hours to digest food.
Activities – heats the body to melt fat.

These are the rules I stuck with and had excellent results. Eat fish like tuna with no mayo it has tremendous amounts of protein and lean meats like brisket and baked or broiled chicken. Eat fat free deserts and food products one day and sugar free products the next day (hense the 24 hour digesting time frame). The only fats you should really have are the natural fats like avacado or fish fat which our bodies need. Drink flavored carbonated water witch is pure and it satisfies the craving for soda. Diet DrPeper, PepsI or Pepsi1 are best tasting diet sodas I found to help with the soda craving as well, but if you can do without them then thats even better. Eat lots of greens and fiber to help digest your foods. Activities like jumping alone will cause our bodies to heat causing the fat to peel off the stomach walls (SUGAR Hardens on the walls with fat!).

Shed about 10 pounds of water in just a few days by having absolutly no sugar intake or salt. Eat tuna from the can with salad and non fat dressing, chicken and steaks.

Remember, it is not how much you eat but when and what you eat. Excersising will defeneatly shed alot of pounds if you stick to the rules above (24 hr cycle). Do not eat 3 hours before bed time unless you excersise after words. If you are going to the restroom more than 4 times a day and your stomach is groaling with weird noises then its working (this is the melting fat leaving your body).

P.S. My first time at the grocerie store took me about 2-3 hours to look for the right food combinations and after that it was easy for me to find them (fat free, sodium free, sugar free).

Just look in the mirror and ask yourself, WHY NOT ME?

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