What is a good healthy diet plan for a 15 year old?


Ok so i want a good diet plan that i can stick to during the summer. i dont like eating loads of junk food and feeling bad about it afterwards. haha! so anyways im starting swimming and going to the gym during the summer because i want to be more fit!
any ideas on like how much i should swim a day and what should i d in the gym and what diet plan should i follow? thanks!!


Answer 1:

MODERATION IS KEY. So are serving sizes.

Peanut Butter can make u fat. 2 spoon fulls is all ur aloud or u’ll blow up. its loaded with Calories
get an exersize ball for 20 bucks

DOnt target one area, its pointless. do some Cardio and loose it all.

The fit tv channell (222) can give u some good exersizes, or you can try the On Demand Fitness section and they’ll show u how to work ur belly. thats what i do

they’ll show u how to dance and everything. why buy dancing videos or take dancing classes when u can get it free on DEMAND>

whatever gets u up off the couch and keeps u moving will help

AVOID salty peanuts like cashews.

Diets dont work. Eat all low calories and avoid white rice. Switch to whole wheat bread and plain cheerios with weight watchers yogurt. Drink alot of whatever and eat alot of fruit. Avoid “sugar free” and eat fat free. Avoid all juices made with corn syrup. Drink alot of milk. No pop, even diet. Dont eat pizza, burgers and fries (its cooked in grease). Dont eat buttery popcorn and only eat popcorn because u feel like eating and but u dont need to. Dont eat chicken or chicken sandwhiches unless they were “grilled.” Eat fish.
there u go.

Grilled or boiled is the healthiest. Fried and greasy is most hurtful unless its grilled in Olive oil.
Avoid TV dinners and processed foods.

DONT EAT HOTDOGS!! try link sausages. Dont water ur food down in sauces like ketchup. Use less sauce

Eat “i cant believe its not butter”, its good stuff

if u buy a McDonald’s salad, dont use thier sauce packet. its loaded with fat and salt. Use ur own salad dressing thats less fattening. Order milk or apple juice at mcdonalds and try moderation. If u want a cookie, only eat 2. if u want ice cream, only eat 1 scoop (or just order the ice cream sunday cup at mcdonalds, thats a fair serving size. STOP eatting cones. its too many calories. NO bowls either.), etc. manage ur serving sizes and try to only eat those kindda snacks when ur gonna do some walking or exersize so u’ll burn up what u eat.

Thats the reason we’re fat, mind you. We eat more than our metabolism can burn up so that extra food gets stored.

Only eat what u can burn up, and then after that just eat popcorn and fruit. Be sure to go for walks to get some cardio in. Any type of cardio will help. Cardio is the only way to exersize and loose weight
p.s.– if u wanted to eat pizza, you’d have to remove the cheese and meat and only eat the crust so its a waste of money.

Almonds help burn belly fat. eat 28 a day. if u eat more than 28, you’ll get fat. almonds have good natural fats and oils the body need and eating 28 of them can make u feel full and replace a meal for u.

Eat sunflower seeds, its the same effect that the plain popcorn has. Chew on those if u just feel like chewing on something. avoid gum, even trident.

use Spenda, Sucralose, or Aspartame in your food and drinks. (it may be nasty at first, but once ur taste buds adjust to it, it’ll be DELICIOUS.)
Only eat baked patatoe chips, and Murray’s sugar free cookies. eat dry fruit

AVOID CEREAL BARS…they’ll make u fatter.
get more home cooked meals, prefferably alot of beans.

Avoid Hi-C. a beverage can make u extremely fat. it can be like eating an extra meal.

thats my diet, it works

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