What is a good diet to do to loose weight fast?


What is a good diet that makes you loose weight fast?Also i can do some exercises too with the diet? Thanks:) Also if you leave the link to your question i will answer yours too.


Sharing the knowledge. I am interested in the colon cleansing and dieting topic and for years i have had digestive problems, like millions of people in the world. Until one day after countless hours of my own research, collecting information on nutrients/vitamins and living a healthy lifestyle, everything changed. My digestive problems are gone(except occasionally, like every “normal” healthy human being ;). The lifestyle and mindset change are HUGE factors, don’t ever underestimate this. Reading books on NLP and positive mindset, can contribute in a major way. Setting the right frame of mind is key. As you read this you might think, yeah.. great but how is this going to help me now. Well, choosing to start your new lifestyle and changing your unhealthy eating habits is your first step. Detoxing your body a good second. First the willingness then the action. Reading and learning about healthy foods and nutrients is also key, know your food!!! I now know about the different nutrients and vitamins.

Living a healthy lifestyle started for me with with detoxing my body of the toxins from years and years of eating Junk Food(it’s not called this without reason). I did so by using a natural colon cleanser, and then started to implement my healthy lifestyle step by step. I still like my junk food occasionally but being more healthy gives me so much more Joy and Freedom,(Junk Food vs Joy and Freedom)(JF vs JF) and so can you! I want to contribute and it’s now my personal mission in life to help as many people as i can to get similar results as i did, get better digestion and life a more healthy lifestyle. The internet has made the world so much smaller and information about any subject is just a few clicks away. Just go to Amazon.com and get a book or video product on almost any subject you like,e.g. vitamins and minerals, positive thinking to just name a few. Within the next five minutes you to can start your way to a more healthy life right now. Colon Cleansing started it for me, but as there are so many colon cleanse products on the market it might be hard to choose from. To get you started i personally recommend you to go and get “Digest It”, there is a free trial package available for most countries in the world, you only pay for shipping and handling. You will then be redirected to the page were you can claim your colon cleanse free trial package. This is an easy way to get you started, but don’t forget that the right mindset and living a healthy lifestyle is evenly important. Disclaimer:It’s always advised to first consult your doctor or diet expert before starting any diet program and/or colon cleanse program. I hope that my personal story has inspired you to take action now. Wish you Health and Hapiness..


Cut out all junk food and start eating only healthy things. You don’t even have to be anal about it, just make a list of a couple foods that are healthy that you like, (ie honey nut cheerios, oatmeal, mixed vegetables, whole wheat pasta..) and only eat that stuff for a week. Soon it will become second nature. Not only will you stop having cravings, but the weight will start coming right off because healthy foods have a lot less calories than junk, and fill you up much more. Plus they give you more energy so you’ll probably WANT to get up and exercise even without having to force yourself to. The perfect exercise to burn fat, is basically anything. Go on a long walk, or a 30 minute jog. Or search online or on youtube for aerobic-type workout videos. Losing weight is actually a very simple thing.

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