What bike is best for fitness as well as toning of the body?


I’m interested in purchasing a bike but i am unsure what bike meets my needs. i play at a high level of sport in soccer and need to keep my fitness levels high. I was curious as to which bike would accommodate my needs of keeping fit and toning the body e.g abs, arms, chest and obviously legs. I have heard of names such as a road, fitness and hybrid bike but need further advice. HELP PLEASE!


If you enjoy cycling then get a road bike. Road bikes are the ones that you see on Tour de France and local road bike races. Spend at least $2,000 because anything less would be a waste of money. You need to invest in your bicycle because it requires that much money to get a decent bike nowadays. Of course you can get a bicycle that functions properly for much less. But I wouldn’t spend any less for a bicycle because once you try a bicycle that is designed by engineers then you’d clearly see the difference between that and a $300 worthless trash they sell at Walmart.

For a $2,000 road bike you typically get Shimano Ultegra or SRAM Rival group set for an entire bike that weighs around 17lbs. For $300 you would get a bike that shifts with a loud clunk and weigh twice that much. $2,000 road bikes are engineered by dedicated professionals. You would be amazed how quickly, smoothly and quietly the bike can shift when it is made and tuned properly.

A typical roadie will ride atleast 20 miles per ride if not more. Some people go on 50 mile bike rides every day and these are enthusiasts and not athletes. Road cycling is fast and fun. Riding a bike should be an experience. The amount of money you are willing to spend on your bicycle will elevate your experience accordingly. If you ever rode a $5,000 road bike then you would know the difference between that and a $2,000 road bike. Some people might think it is ridiculous to spend that much money on a bike considering they can get a bike at walmart for $300. They clearly dont know anything if they think the $300 bike is the same as something that costs 20 times more.

If you are an athlete then you should get a road bike and dont get the entry level bike because that will leave much to be desired and spending $700 to upgrade later for a $1,400 bike and then to a $2,100 bike is a waste of money when you should have just bought a $2,100 bike to begin with. A decent bike starts at $2,000 in my opinion and anything less would end up having you spend more money in the long run because you would want that more expensive bike once you test ride one at your local bike shop and realize how much better it is compared to that $700 entry level road bike.

My recommendation for a road bike is Cervelo Soloist Team.


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