What are the health and beauty benefits of being a vegetarian?


I’m almost 17 and somewhat overweight; I would like to lose weight and become healthier in the process. Most of my diet consists of meat–red meat and poultry. Will going vegetarian help me lose weight? Will it do anything for my beauty?

Also, feel free to share your stories! Thank you :)



When I was 9, I was already heavier than the other girls and boys.
I got fatter, until when I was just 12 I was 160 pounds, at the hight of 5’0″. I saw a vegan “Meet your meat” video, and was horrified at what these animals where going through. So I became vegan… and still put on weight, due to over eating (emotional stress).
When I say I packed on pounds fast, I PACKED them on! I just bought a pair of pants last week, and then the next, WHOA, they’re too tight! Mom, I need more new pants!
I was really falling down an emotional cliff. Eating none stop.
But soon, I read an artical. An artical of the negative calorie diet. No, not “starving”, but fruits and veggies. I binged so much off of them for at least a month, only. All day, until dinner, I lost 30 pounds! and all the sudden, I didn’t want to eat all day anymore. My binging was gone!
I had controll, and maintained a regular vegan diet. I lost so much more.
I became 118 pounds a year later, at the hight of 5’4″.
And today, I made the switch to RAW vegan. Because after my life-binge-changing experience with them, I really believe in them. So, I’m in 2 months raw, and I love it (because now the detox stage is over and I feel fabulous… haha)
Today, I am 5’6″ and weight 112. Healthy, always running or roller blading in the day, and finally happy.

I believe going vegetarian can drop you a few pounds, but you have to replace your protein and put some more health into your diet, and perhaps make 1 day a week where you can have junk food. Or, use my old scandal and only have 200 calories perday of junk.

Good luck! I know you can do it! Aslong as you stay healthy, and active for 30 mins a day (even just walking at a fast pace) it will be great for you! :)

Answer 2:

Yes – a plant-based diet will help you lose weight, improve your long-term health, and improve the look and feel of your skin, hair, nails, etc. BUT it should be a healthy, balanced vegan diet – not just vegetarian!

This may sound extreme to you at first glance, but cutting out all animal products is the best way to improve and secure your long-term health and beauty, while you can lose substantial weight in the process. Cholesterol exists only in animal products. This along with the high fat content can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. The high protein in animal foods can promote cancer, osteoporosis, etc. We don”t need as much protein as we are told! There is an almost endless list of diseases that are directly related to what we eat – which can all be prevented or even cured with a healthy, plant-based diet.
Now, the trick is eat unprocessed whole foods when you adopt your new healthy plant-based diet. This will improve your health and your skin. Your increased energy levels from the fresh foods will also help you gain a more radiant appearance overall.

NOTE: Not all vegetarians and vegans are healthy, and there are overweight vegetarians and vegans too. It is quite possible to eat “veg junk food”, so remember WHAT you eat is much more important than HOW MUCH you eat, in order to lose weight, keep it off long-term, and maintain your health.

A word about low carb high protein diets, that have been so successful in recent years: they may allow you to lose weight fast in the first two weeks, but come with serious health implications over the longer term, plus they easily lead to the dreaded diet yo-yo effect, so don’t be fooled by these. Carbohydrates are extremely important for proper body functions, fiber intake, antioxidants, and a healthy metabolism.

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