What are some like really good healthy foods?


Mmmkay so yeahh we’re like going to be going to the market soon and i’m trying to loose some weight and i was trying to figure out what some good healthy foods would be other than like fruits and vegis.

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Answer 1:

NO MEAT OR DAIRY! Don’t listen when people say,” Oh, well chicken breast, eggs, and low-fat yogurt are great sources of lean protien and vitamin D that you can’t get from fruits, veggies and grains.” It is proven that you can get all of your essential minerals from non-meat and non-dairy products. I REPEAT-NO MEAT OR DAIRY, NOT EVEN LEAN!!! All have way too much cholesterol and are difficult for your body to digest, thus slowing your metabolism and making it more difficult to lose weight. Animal fats(even little bits) process in your body WAAAAY differently then vegetarian fats.

If you wanna loose weight, stick with grains, and fruits, veggies. Try to eat most of your vegs/fruits raw if possible, and limit ur sugar and salt intake. Your body will balance itself this way and you will lose weight fast AND BE HEALTHY! (This should be your real goal-not just to look thinner and more attractive, but to feel and look HEALTHIER inside and out.)

Some really yummy dishes you can make are…

Black bean and mango salsa w/baked tortilla chips

Avocado, bean sprout, tomatos, olive wrap(many types of wraps such as pesto,sundried tomatoe,etc.) and your choice of non-dairy lowfat dressing

Wheat pasta with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, bell-peppers etc.(Pasta rules because you can do anything with it!!!)

Walnut, pear and spinach salad with balsamic dressing

Mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy

Mexican brown rice with corn and pinto beans

Bread, garlic and herb stuffed mushrooms

Hummus and pita bread

There are so many healthy dishes out there that taste great! Just google for the recipes!!! It’s fun to cook with the people you love and know that you are taking care of our body, too!
Good luck!

Answer 2:

Just… when you go to the store, look at the ingredients (on prepared foods) and compare things like calories and fat on things like Yogurt. Like, I was looking at the same brand of yogurt, but one was “Original” one was “Low Fat” and one was “No Fat” so I initially grabbed the “No Fat” one, right? but I looked at the label and it was 170 calories per serving (and 0 fat) so it’s all sugar. Then I looked at the “Original” and it was 180 calories per serving, with 85 of it being fat, so, not many more than the no fat, And then I picked up the “Low Fat” to see what it might be, and it was only 125 calories per serving, with only 25 calories of fat, which is well within the recommended 25% rule (that’s where you make sure and only eat things that have 25% or less fat. Bring a calculator! lol…) and since it’s not all sugar, it’s not going to trigger that “OMG! Must eat voraciously!” thing that candy and other sugars trigger when you eat it.

Also, “Fish” is good, but White fish is actually a better thing to say (as opposed to Tuna or Salmon) And actually shrimp and lobster and crab are good options (as long as they’re not drenched in butter or fried)

Brown rice is good, if you can get the non-instant kind (instant grains pretty much kills any nutritional value you might get from it) all kinds of fantastic vegetables – I’m personally very fond of Leeks and other onions and peppers and strong-flavored veggies of that kind.

Pick up some spices while you’re there. I recommend Cumin and Paprika as well as cinnamon and peppers – basil and other “italian” seasonings tend to call for olive oil (which isn’t as bad as some things you could injest) and so you’ll want to use those sparingly…

But yes, just realize that you DO need fats and carbs to function as well as protein to go along with the veggies and the vitamins and minerals you get from eating them.

Losing weight actually starts getting fun when you start picking out lots of different random vegetables that you might not even know what they are, and throwing them in a pot with spices just to see how it might turn out!

Oh – beans. lots of beans, various beans. get them dry and learn to prepare them. (you ever see a fat cowboy?)


Have fun!

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