What Are some good healthy food that you need everyday to eat?


I just want to keep in shape for a healthy body, what are some good stuff to eat and take care of your body each day? Should i eat in the morning? is there a difference?

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Answer 1:

Yes, you have to eat in the morning! Eating breakfast revs up your metabolism for the day, improving your ability to burn calories. Breakfast helps keep your blood sugar stable during the morning so you aren’t craving a sugary mid-morning snack. When you eat breakfast, you are less likely to overeat at your next meal and throughout the day.

Try some of these easy breakfast ideas that are different than cereal and milk.


Also, check out these fast and healthy breakfast recipes.


As for good stuff to eat, try these two lists of healthy foods:

General Healthy Food List

Healthy Food Group Items
Colorful vegetables such as red, yellow, orange bell peppers, avocado, green beans, lima beans, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potatoes, squash including butternut or zucchini

• Olive oil
• Vinegar – any kind

• Low fat or fat –free milk, low fat plain yogurt, lowfat sour cream.
• Cheese: cheddar, mozzarella, swiss

PROTEIN • Skinless chicken, fish, shrimp, 29 cuts of beef, turkey
• Beans: Lentils, black beans, pinto Beans, kidney beans
• Eggs

BREADS, PASTA, CEREAL • Whole grains: whole grain bread, pasta, flour
• Brown rice
• Low sugar cereal and oatmeal

SNACKS • Dried fruits: apricots, raisins
• Nuts : whole almonds, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, and cashews.

DRINKS • Plain or sparkling water

EXTRAS • Whey Powder
• Flax Meal


Best Healthy Foods to Eat:
Blueberries, Apples, Fish, Milk, Yogurt, Almonds, Beans, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Broccoli, Butternut Squash, and oatmeal.

For more detail, go to: http://www.healthy-diet-mom.com/best-hea…

Hope this helps!
Answer 2:

Eat throughout the whole day. Whole grains, like cereal, wholegrain bread, rice and pasta. Vegetables and fruit. Lean meat and low fat dairy. Also eat some eggs and nuts. Limit your fat, sugar and sodium intake. Try not to drink much soft drink and juice.

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