Weight loss ideas right from the kitchen

You can spend hours exercising, but if you do not eat the right foods at the most effective time, then your weight loss efforts will become more difficult. If you eat a bread right after you practice it will retain glycogen rather than fat on the body. Use measuring instruments to know exactly how much calories you are eating and nutrients. Lose weight in the kitchen and continue at the gym.

How nutrition ideas in the kitchen to help losing weight?

The menu should be mostly protein


High protein and low carbohydrate meals will be more effective at reducing your body fat compared to high carbohydrate meals. Your meal should range from 30% to 40% of the calories.

Enough calories needed


Start practicing your routine with a low calorie diet, slightly increased from about 45% – 50%. Cut your calories to about 1,500 calories, but eat plenty of small meals throughout the day to maintain your body’s metabolism. Do not eat less than 1,100 calories a day if you are a woman or less than 1,400 calories a day if you are a man. You need to consume a minimum of calories to maintain your body and metabolic rate.

Drink water during meals


Water helps maintain blood flow. If you do not drink enough water or lose water, your blood will slowly move through the blood vessels. This means that your cell will not get enough oxygen and nutrients. It will make it hard for you to exercise or lose weight. Drink a glass of water filled with snacks. If you are a woman and eat six meals a day, you should drink 2 glasses of water to normalize hydration. If you are a male you must drink more than 2 cups to add to each meal.

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