Tips on How to Become a Fitness Model

While 300-pound pro bodybuilders may look massive and intimidating, it’s the well-proportioned fitness models who are picking up all of the hot women and magazine covers. If you’d like to join these lucky guys in babe paradise, pay attention to our top 10 tips on getting built like a fitness model.

In all honesty, one of the biggest reasons why we enjoy bodybuilding is because it gets us attention. After all, what bodybuilder doesn’t enjoy walking into a restaurant or mall, and having everybody gawk at their massive biceps and huge traps? However, most people draw a line at how big they’re willing to get because – while freakish builds like that of Markus Ruhl or Jay Cutler may get you all of the attention in the world – it’s not necessarily going to score you hot women.

Instead, most bodybuilders eventually aspire to develop a ripped, well-proportioned build like that of a male fitness model. It isn’t hard to see why either because it’s usually some model like Sagi Kalev orRob Riches that we see on magazine covers with a perfect 10 draped all over him. And believe it or not, things don’t change much from the magazine covers to real life. So if you’re interested in achieving the insanely-desirable fitness stud look that women love, here are our some tips for how to get built like a fitness model:

Do’s And Don’ts Of Exercising

  • Do not get into a low impact cardio. Professional trainers do not recommend running as it can eat away your muscles. Although running is a good cardio exercise, it does not offer great benefits to your muscles. Instead of running, you can look into the benefits of elliptical and other versions of running.
  • Do not exercise less than 25 minutes or work out more than 60 minutes. The effective zone in getting a fitter, toner body is within 25-to-60 minutes. If you exercise more than that, your body will hit a plateau resulting in hitting a wall. This will then lead to stopping or slowing down your progress.
  • Do understand the importance of fitness model program. Keep in mind that getting toner, fitter body is a journey that you should enjoy. It is not a one-time event. You should take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute of it.
  • Do not over train yourself. Overtraining will result in overeating. The reason for this is that your appetite increases. As a result, you will start eating like you have never eaten for a week. Therefore, it is important to get enough exercise in order to eliminate body fats and avoid hitting a plateau.

Eat a balanced diet.

Include a balance of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins to supply your body with nutrition. Concentrate on healthful foods such as whey protein, lean cuts of beef, beans, egg whites, and fish. Supplement your diet with nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables such as berries, broccoli, kiwis, and green beans. Fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy skin and hair. Avoid sugary and salty foods or those containing preservatives. Keep away from carbonated drinks and alcohol, which are detrimental to your skin and may result in bloating. Instead, drink plenty of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins from your body.

Safety Tips In Doing The Workouts

  1. One important thing that you need to bear in mind is that not all workouts can work the same way for all people. It is wise to choose a workout which will suit you best and not because it worked for someone else.
  2. When you find one exercise boring make changes and shift to another exercise. If you are forced to do an exercise that you don’t even feel like doing chances are you skip doing routines or you won’t give your 100% effort into it.
  3. Having a partner when working out can be helpful as you will not only have someone to back you up during weight lifting but you will also have a spotter. With a partner you will be able to do the exercises properly and feel more motivated to do the routines.
  4. If you are just starting out avoid jumping into advanced routine so that you will not miss out basic exercises and that you will not find yourself not knowing how to do a routine properly. For instance, in weightlifting you can just stay 3-6 rep range when you go for power while if it’s for muscle and size you can just stay around 6 to 12 rep range.


Advertise yourself. Make a portfolio of your photos and details such as your weight, height and body measurements. Attend casting calls and auditions for fitness models. Read fitness magazines to learn about the requirements of fitness models in auditions. Visit modeling agencies and fashion businesses and submit your portfolios. Make a calendar featuring yourself and some of your friends and distribute it in fashion businesses; you can find templates for calendars online. Hire an agent to assist you with the most profitable bookings. Select a reputable agent; some run scams to rip-off aspiring models. You should pay the agent only after you get a booking.

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