Tips for Balanced Diet, Healthy Food for Teenagers (teens)

Teenager’s (teens) diet and food is most important as these young people (teens), who are at the phase were they cannot be called children nor adult. So their diet is very vital as they have to grow into young adult (teens) and take up all the responsibility of life. Hence parents as well as the teenagers them self have to be very careful in choosing their food and diet. The nutrient and energy needs of teens are higher than those of any other age group.

Tip # 1 Balanced diet
Teenager’s (teens) food should contain every item of food group, their diet and food should contain protein, Carbohydrate, little fat, more of fibrous food, minerals, vitamins, more of vitamin B, C and E, and lots of fluids including water and other liquids.

Tips # Protein’s food
These young people(teens) have lots of energy in their diet (food) so provide them with lean meat, eggs, pulses, low fat milk so that they can perform well in their life. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, Soya beans and nuts are rich in calcium which is needed for healthy bones and teeth growth of teens. Ground nuts are good source of protein for your teens. Teens liking vegetarian diet should eat at least one bowl of pulse, dal, and legume everyday like rajmah, chana and karamani.

Tips# 3 Carbohydrates
An Adolescent need to have in their food and diet moderately Carbohydrates which they can get from wheat, rice, maze, potato and roasted grains.

Tips # 4 Vitamins and fibrous food
These Juvenile (teens) need to have lots of Vitamins and fibrous food for over all growth and to have healthy life. They should eat lots of fresh green vegetables, more of leafy and green vegetables which not only contains Vitamins as well as roughage.

Tips # 5 Iron for healthy eating for teens
Teens need to have good intake of iron in their diet for healthy eating. This is more so for teenager (teens) girls who need more iron after puberty, they as there is loss of iron during menstruation. Meat, particularly red meat and liver, and fish are rich sources of iron. Pulses (beans and lentils), green vegetables, and fortified cereals are also good sources of iron. Citrus fruit (such as oranges and lemons), tomatoes and potatoes are all good sources of vitamin C, which is essential for teens health. Vitamin C may help the absorption of iron, so have fruit juice with an iron-rich meal for teens. Raisins and dates are high in iron. Try to include in teens your diet.

Tips # 4 Vitamin D
Vitamin D is very essential for the healthy teens, as Vitamin D helps in absorption of calcium. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, so make a habit for teens and young people to sit in early day sunlight after having oil message. Shark oil is also rich in Vitamin D.

Tips # 5 Family meals
Make a habit to have family meals, so that teens can have better option of food choice. This habit of family meals every day creates healthy family bonding especially with your teens.

Tips # 6 Calories chart for teens
Throughout puberty and teenage period, there is a high demand for calories by the body due to improved physical activity and metabolic rate. Adolescent and teens male of 13-15 years of age need 2,500 calories and female of 13-15 years need 2,200 calories. For boys of 16-18 years, 3,000 calories and for girls 2,200 calories are mandatory.

So always encourage young teenagers to have fresh, healthy eating habit, for their over all healthy growth. See that they don’t eat fatty, junk foods which most of teens enjoy.

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