What do you think about reducing the risk of heart diseases, keeping a healthy body and remaining the youth longer within just a very short time?

Indeed, it takes time for everyone to get a good health, but it’s not as long as you thought. You do not need to exactly do things people always advice you to such as doing exercise for 30 minutes every day and sleeping for 7 to 8 hours every night. According to leading experts in nutrition, heart health and cancer fighting, there are many simple and wonderful methods to improve your health and happiness surprisingly. So let’s take a few minutes to try and improve our health!

Fight cancer

Eat fruits with their peel. Apple peel brings about many advantages. Recent experiments have shown that there are more than ten chemicals in red delicious apple peel, which help to prevent cells of breast, liver and colon cancer from developing. Professor Rul Hai Liu from Cornell University also emphasized that the peel of other types of apples is also very good for health. We should buy organic apples to avoid fertilizer poison.

Use additional nutrition in the right way: because according to Professor Joan Lappe from Creighton University: “Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system and fight cancer”, using vitamin D and calcium in moderation will considerably reduce the risk of cancer. Our skin can produce vitamin D thanks to sunlight, but according to scientists, we’d better take additional vitamin D to ensure that we have enough vitamin D (1,100 IU level is enough and safe)

Slow aging

Take a sniff at lavender or rosemary fragrance. The lavender fragrance helps you sleep well in the night-time and feel comfortable in the day-time. A new study has just been carried out with some women who volunteer to take a sniff at pure lavender/rosemary fragrance for 5 minutes. The finding showed that the cortisol hormone level in their saliva reduces by 24 percent. This is good because the cortisol is a hormone causing mental stress, high blood pressure and immune system destruction.

Moreover, people who usually take a sniff at lavender fragrance with low concentration or rosemary fragrance with high concentration will be easier to release molecules which cause aging and diseases.

Cut cholesterol

Dust with pistachios on salad greens. An experiment conducted in Pennsylvania University showed that if we eat a handful of pistachios a day, the total cholesterol will decrease by 6,7 percent and bad cholesterol will decrease by 11,6 percent after 4 weeks. The benefit of these decreases is the reduction of the risk of heart diseases.

According to Professor Penny Kris-Ethertin, lead of the research team, the pistachios is the best provider of botanic cholesterols. Remember that one ounce of pistachios contains just 100 calories, so reduce dressing level or oil or butter and dust with pistachios on the salad green.

Use buckwheat honey instead of sugar

In the past, this sweet matter was used to apply on the wound because of its antisepsis. The buckwheat honey also helps slow down the oxidation of LDL Cholesterol because once this bad cholesterol is oxidized, plaque pieces will accumulate on the surface of blood vessel.

Cool hot flashes

Take a deep breath. According to the latest three studies, taking deep and slow breathes helps reduce the rate of hot flashes by a half. One of the reason for hot flashes is the reduction of estrogen, another one, according to scientists, is the mental stress. The solution for this is taking deep breathes to slow down the heart rate, relax muscles and lower the blood pressure.

 Keep your vision sharp

Eat an egg. Carrot is also good. But a new study showed that eggs are the best source to provide the oxidation substance Carotenoid which is good for eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are two main carotenoid substances for eyes because these two substances are good for the retina.

Compared to vegetables with dark green leaves, eggs do not contain large amount of lutein and zeaxanthin. But Professor Elizabeth Johnson said that these oxidation substances are easier to be absorbed from eggs.

Don’t worry about the increase of cholesterol when eating eggs because eating one egg per day helps increase the lutein level by 26 percent and zeaxanthin level by 38 percent without the rise in cholesterol or triglycetride.

Build muscle strength

Stretch your legs straight. If your leg muscles are stiff, just stretch your legs straight to not only improve the flexibility but the strength of your muscle also.

Keep your smile healthy

Kiss your lover passionately. Doctor Anne Murray from The Academy of General Dentistry said that kisses make you discharge saliva to kill bacteria causing tooth decay.

Drink 2 cups of tea per day. Green tea helps regulate the cholesterol level and reduce the risk of cancer. Scientists also showed that green tea can protect consciousness and the more you drink green tea, the better your health gets.

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