The top 3 best weight loss pills

The top 3 best weight-loss pills, weight-loss food supplements available today, are appreciated by professionals and consumers.

Currently, due to diet rich in nutrients and lifestyle activities are less active, so many women gain weight unwanted, losing their inherent slim body. Women find ways to lose weight, some people implement weight loss methods by dieting, some people work hard and others also work with the use of weight loss pills, food Weight-loss support. But what are the best weight loss pills, weight-loss supplements work best and most effective?

Today, I would like to introduce to you three weight loss pills, weight loss food that I think is the best today in the market. I review the 3 types of weight loss products are best based on feedback from customers during the weight loss counseling in the past 8 years. All three types of products have the function of weight loss but each will have its own advantages, hope that you will choose a type of weight loss product that suits you. Learn about the top three best weight loss pills today.

Weight Loss Pills - A smart choice for those who want to lose weight

Weight Loss Pills – A smart choice for those who want to lose weight

Note: The following products have 2 types including weight loss pills: Xenical Weight Loss Pills and Diet Supplements: Super Everyday Weight Loss Pills, Rich Slim Weight Loss pills.

1. Xenical Weight Loss Pills

Xenical weight loss pills manufactured by Swiss company Roche. The results of the trial in Germany in more than 15,000 people with obesity, including men and women, showed very encouraging results:

  • Only after 7 weeks of taking Xenical, most patients lose 11% of body weight or lose 11 kg.
  • 15% sugar reduction and 14% cholesterol in the body.
  • Blood pressure drops by 18%.


The uses of Xenical weight loss pills

Xenical Weight Loss (Orlistat): There is a completely new mechanism of action. When we eat foods that are fatty, fat (chemically called lipids), there is a lipase in the intestine that is responsible for dissolving lipid molecules into small pieces that can penetrate the membrane. Intestines into the bloodstream and then moved throughout the body. Xenical weight-loss medication clings to the lipase, causing it to fail, resulting in fat, which is not absorbed by the body and excreted in faeces. Can reduce to one-third of the fat you eat.

Effective after 1 week of use. After a month, reduce from 8 to 10 kg, depending on the body type.

How to use Xenical weight loss pills

Treat obesity and prevent weight gain in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older: 120 mg x 1 tablet x 3 times daily in each fatty meal.

Overweight people 18 years of age or older: 60 mg x 1 tablet x 3 times daily in each fatty meal.

Should be taken with water immediately before, while eating or until 1 hour after each meal.

If you miss a meal or a meal without fat, do not take Xenical weight loss pills.

Dosage more than 3 times a day does not increase the benefits.

2. Everyday Super Weight Loss Pills

Everyday Super Weight Loss Pills are the latest, most advanced weight loss product of the Super Brand Group, USA. The product is an excellent combination of Oriental herbal formula and modern American extraction technology.


The uses of Everyday Super Weight Loss Pills

  • Helps reduce fat in the body, helps prevent excess fat into the body, helps improve weight…
  • Supplement collagen and biotin nutrients to help regenerate, keep warm, make the skin always soft…

How To Use Everyday Super Weight Loss Pills

  • Once a day, 1 tablet before breakfast 30 minutes.
  • Combination drink plenty of water during the day, from 1.5 to 2 liters of water or more, this is very important in the process of metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body …
  • Absolutely not to stop eating and abstaining from tea, coffee, beer, alcohol and eating restrictions after 8 pm.
  • “This product is a functional food, not a drug and does not have the effect of replacing medication.”

3. Rich Slim Weight Loss Pills

Rich Slim Weight Richer extracted from the green tea. The combination of ICCG essence in green tea blends with pistil and orange peel, rich slim weight loss capsules help your body fight the aging process, help smooth and youthful skin.


The uses of Slim Slim Weight Loss Pills

  • Helps to lose weight effectively.
  • Do not be stunned, build eyebrows, do not diarrhea, help reduce mouth odor due to weak stomach.
  • Dissolve phlegm in throat.
  • Make the skin young, smooth, not dry.
  • Good for both women and men, combined with exercise will be most effective.

How To Use Rich Slim Weight Loss Pills

  • Take 2 capsules a day, 1 tablet before breakfast 30 minutes and 1 tablet before lunch 30 minutes with a full glass of water (plus drink plenty of water – one day should drink 2.5 to 4 liters of water).
  • “This product is a functional food, not a drug and does not have the effect of replacing medication.”

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