The time when women must plan to lose weight immediately

Women are more likely to gain weight, especially when they have to go through complex stages. That is also why you need to plan a proper diet, exercise more regularly… Here are the time periods you should take great care.

1. The first three years of employment


New to work makes it easy for you to gain weight.

According to the study, women between the ages of 20 and 25 are most likely to gain weight. 41% of women in this age group will gain an average weight of about 2.5 kg in 4 years.

Cause is that when starting to work, the pressure of work is gradually increasing, causing stress. Frequent engagement with the company, sitting too much, less exercise to make your body more sluggish and heavier.

2. Stage after marriage and pregnancy

After marriage, life is more stable, you do not have to worry about many issues such as celibacy so that the mood of comfort, eating positively lead to increased weight.

Especially in pregnancy and postpartum period, it is better to have health and eat more to give birth to healthy children. This is also the fastest time for women to gain weight. Depending on the status of each person only increase a few pounds, some people increase to a dozen weight and difficult to return to the initial state. Therefore, you should pay attention to find the best ways to lose weight safely, most effective.

Weight gain after birth is really an obsession with many women

Weight gain after birth is really an obsession with many women.

3. The period is about 40 years old

At middle age, when your family and career are stable, your living conditions are better, your family’s equipment is reduced, your children are grown, so you do not need to worry too much. This can also make you gain weight. Middle-aged women usually have fat in the lower abdomen, thighs, hips.

4. Menopause stage in women

According to a doctor’s study, menopause in women aged 45-55 years is also gaining weight. Lowered estrogen levels increase muscle mass, which in turn increases the amount of fat. While eating habits do not change, fat accumulation is inevitable. Obesity also causes other diseases such as heart disease, cancer…

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