Which frappe is good for losing weight?

If you love frappe but fretting about gaining weight because of drinking them, this post will help you solve this concern by giving you the frappe which helps you lose weight effectively. Frappe is made of fruit and contains many good nutritional values for the health. A cup of

What is the best diet with the fastest results?

Ask: I am looking for a best diet plan(free) with the fastest results. I turn 21 in November, and I want to lose about two pant sizes. If anyone knows one with personal experience, thank you! Answers: Answer 1: Something that has really worked out for me has been

Balancing your diet!

We all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and choosing a balanced diet, but with so much information available it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. Most people think they eat fairly well – surveys show 93 per cent of Australian shoppers describe their overall diet

How can an anaemic person lose weight without feeling faint? – vegetarian?

How can an anaemic person lose weight without feeling faint? Ask: Hi I want to lose some weight however I always feel extremely dizzy or experience pulsating headaches whenever I restrict some calories and go exercise. How does someone like me lose weight without being loaded on pills? PS

Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian? Is it better to avoid eggs and diary if so?

Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian? Ask: I eat meat a lot, and I’m trying to lose weight. Will a vegetarian diet help me achieve this? If I do go on a vegetarian diet, is it better to avoid eggs and dairy, or to eat

Im 13 and im planning on just eating a big breakfast everyday to lose weight?

Ask: I’m planning on just eating breakfast to lose weight will this work, and do it fast idc if it effects my health. I’m 5,7 and 140. Answers (2) Answer 1: That won’t work. No matter how much you eat you will be hungry within 6 hours or so.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet that is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. It’s recommended our total daily calorie intake should comprise of: Fat – 30-35% Protein – 15% Carbohydrates – 50-55% Vitamins and minerals come from a range of foods within the three food groups mentioned. Protein

How to Make a Vegetarian Diet Well-Balanced and Healthy

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Fruits and vegetables are an important part of any balanced diet. But nutrition experts also recommend eating a certain number of servings of meat and dairy products each day. It’s not surprising that many people who are considering becoming vegetarians hesitate because they fear that they will not get

Is it possible to make my own dog food and what are some recipes I should make

Ask: I know I should create a balanced food with the essential vitamins and minerals. Can you guys tell me what should be included in the diet and what I should avoid? Thanks. Answers: Answer 1: I make my own dog food… But I mix it in with her

Tips for Balanced Diet, Healthy Food for Teenagers (teens)

Teenager’s (teens) diet and food is most important as these young people (teens), who are at the phase were they cannot be called children nor adult. So their diet is very vital as they have to grow into young adult (teens) and take up all the responsibility of life.