How can I lose weight while being a vegetarian?

How to lose weight while being a vegetarian Ask: I am 5’41/2 and 124 lbs and I’ve been a vegetarian for the past two years. Any advice? I don’t want to lose a ton of weight maybe like 7-10 lbs? I definitely do not want to starve myself and

Can you have a balanced vegetarian diet without nuts?

Ask: I have two daughters, one hates meat and the other has said for some while that she would like to be a vegetarian because she can’t bear the thought of eating animals. I really like vegetarian food so it would be no problem for me. But the daughter

What kinds of food can I eat if I want to become a vegetarian?

Ask: I am thinking about becoming a vegetarian. I need to lose weight and it’s been hard. I only gained instead of lost even though I cut down on how much I usually eat. What kinds of food should I avoid and what foods can I eat? If I

What do you think of people that go vegan as a way to lose weight?

Ask: I have a friend who is vegan at home as a way to lose weight, and then is vegetarian when she goes out because it is too hard to be vegan…. thoughts? Answers: Answer 1: To fault her for having a different motivation for her diet is silly at best,

What are the best vegetarian recipes to lose weight?

What are the best vegetarian recipes to lose weight? Ask: i`m trying to lose weight ( about 20 pounds ) & i`ve become vegetarian recently, so what are the best vegetarian recipes to lose weight? p.s. i didn`t go vegetariena to lose weight. i did it because i can`t

How NOT to lose weight and be a vegetarian?

How can I become a vegetarian but lose weight? Ask: I would like to become a vegetarian but im under weight and Im scare to lose weight. What can i do or eat so I could be healthy and not lose weight while been a vegetarian? Answer: Well, I

Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian? Is it better to avoid eggs and diary if so?

Can a person lose weight if they become a vegetarian? Ask: I eat meat a lot, and I’m trying to lose weight. Will a vegetarian diet help me achieve this? If I do go on a vegetarian diet, is it better to avoid eggs and dairy, or to eat

Can anyone give me some simple healthy vegetarian dinner ideas?

Ask: I am in a bit of a rut. All I seem to eat is pasta, potatoes, cheese and bread, and lately I’ve gained some weight. I’d like some ideas for new healthier things I could make! The trouble is I’m single and usually cooking for one so I

How do you eat low-carb on a vegetarian diet?

Ask: No medicine, pills, etc. What are foods you can eat on a low-carb diet? Answers: Answer 1: When you choose to follow a Vegetarian LOW CARB (LC) diet, you have to make sure that you are getting enough “Complete Proteins”. Even if your morality says that killing things

The 20 Best Weight-Loss Foods

Many runners would like to lose a pound or 2. Maybe 5. Maybe more. Why? That’s easy: to feel better, look better, improve their health, and run farther and faster. However, losing weight can be surprisingly difficult. In fact, national health surveys show Americans in general are getting fatter.