Why Exercise Doesn’t Actually Help You Lose Weight?

With news stories coming out this week about mandatory BMI screenings and Disney’s new emphasis on nutrition in their programming, obesity is yet again making headlines. And that means the blatantly unworkable solutions to weight gain — eating less and exercising more — have also made an appearance in your favorite news source.

I’m really confused about the cause of Diabetes?

Ask: I read different things everywhere. I read that a high carb diet causes diabetes, then I read that that is a complete myth. Can anybody give me a straight forward answer about what (could) cause diabetes? Answers: Answer 1: Well, there’s no real straightforward answer but I’ll give

8 Steps to a Healthy Diet

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Eat the right number of calories per day. As far as weight control goes, it all begins and ends with calories. Unfortunately, there is no universal “right” number of calories that everyone should eat each day. Some people are overweight, some are underweight. Some have fast metabolisms, some have

7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Work

Stay focused on getting slimmer and staying that way The phone call was desperate, the voice pleading: “I’m afraid I’m going to be a great fat blob on my wedding day! Can you help me?” She came to see me. Sheila was her name: “It’s always the same. I

Overweight Children – Prevention and Treatment

Obesity is an increasing problem for children. Now, in addition to educational efforts to get parents to teach their children to eat well and exercise more, kids are turning to adult obesity treatments. These include the use of weight control drugs, like Meridia, and gastric bypass surgery. As in

Does being overweight automatically give people the right to treat you unhuman like?

Ask: Give noticed that overweight people seem to get treated like they are worthless and unhuman, by (usually the superficial types) skinny people. Is this like some unwritten right? should one just suck it up and let it go? Answers: Answer 1: Definitely not a right, any more than

What is a good distance to start running when you are overweight?

Ask: I am really overweight, and know that i need to lose weight. I figured the best way to lose the weight is to start running, but I dont know what is a good distance to start with. Obviously I am too out of shape to run the whole

How do I get my dad to lose weight?

Ask: My dad is very overweight, probably obese and I am desperately trying to get him to lose weight. He does not have any motivation whatsoever to lose weight and has gone to the gym but always get hurt and nothing ever goes anywhere. I think the problem is

How did you lose weight and what was your motivation?

Ask: This question is to someone who’s lost at LEAST 30 – 150 lbs. I’m quite overweight, always have been, ever since I can even remember. What was your motivation in losing weight? What did you do? How did you work it into a busy schedule? I’ve done lots

Caring for Your Health and Your Wallet in 2010

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Here we are at the end of another year. If you’re among those who make New Year’s resolutions related to your health, here’s an incentive to stick with your 2012 plans: Poor health habits are costing you money. I’ve written before about how more employers today are offering financial incentives, such