7 Weight Loss Motivation Tips That Work

Stay focused on getting slimmer and staying that way The phone call was desperate, the voice pleading: “I’m afraid I’m going to be a great fat blob on my wedding day! Can you help me?” She came to see me. Sheila was her name: “It’s always the same. I

How have you lost weight in the past? Did a doctor help?

Ask: I am about 35-40 lbs overweight and have a doctor’s appt tomorrow. I have asked different doc’s in the past for their help and one referred me to a nutritionist who said “just follow the pyramid”. Gee, thanks. I didn’t know I should eat that many veggies per

What’s the best way to get motivated to lose weight?

Ask: I’ve been trying for a long time to lose weight, but nothing seems to really work. I can’t seem to get myself motivated enough to get up & lose the weight. i don’t know why, but i’ve been down lately & that causes me to just give up,

When can I realistically set a goal to run a marathon?

Ask: I am 250+ pounds and as motivation for losing weight I would like to run a marathon. If I start walking and jogging and slowly increase in distance and speed, when can I realistically run a marathon? There is a marathon near by in October. Would October 2010

What is the best way to help someone else lose weight?

Ask: Hello Everyone, I would like to know what are some ways that someone else can help you lose weight? Useful tools? Motivation? How can someone make your weight loss journey a more pleasant one? Thank you for your time. Answer: Not all weight loss programs are effective. There are a

How can I change old habits about losing weight?

Ask: I am 21, college student, 225lbs. I have always struggled with weight and self confidence issues. I am wanting to get down to around 180, mainly muscle. I am trying to figure out how to over come my laziness and lack of self motivation and self dedication to

What is the best way to keep your motivation up to lose weight?

Ask: I have a hard time keeping my motivation to lose weight up, I don’t have anyone to help support me, so what do you think is the best way to keep up my motivation? Answers: Answer 1: Seriously, I could give you a hundred diets that would work,

What Is WELL Balanced Vegan Diet For A 13 Year Old Girl?

Ask: I turned to into a vegan because i don’t think its right to kill animals for our own need but anyways i would like to know what is a well balanced diet for a 13 year old girl. I hope to get good information thanks in advance. I

What do you think of people that go vegan as a way to lose weight?

Ask: I have a friend who is vegan at home as a way to lose weight, and then is vegetarian when she goes out because it is too hard to be vegan…. thoughts? Answers: Answer 1: To fault her for having a different motivation for her diet is silly at best,

How to Get Motivated To Lose Weight?

There are many reasons why we may look to lose weight, some do it for the sake better health, some do it to look better, some do it for their partner while some do it simply for the fun of it. Majority of the people look to lose weight