Do you gain all the weight back on a low carb diet after falling off the wagon for one day?

Ask: I’ve been eating low carb for about 3 weeks and I love it, but I ate 2 bowls of cereal today will all the weight come back after one day? I also keep the calories and carbs low. Answer: A low carb diet should never be a low

What are some foods I could buy from the market store that is low carb/fat and still will be a meal?

Ask: I want to lose some fat and i read the best way to do it was to eat low carbs and low fat with 30 mins of running mon-sat? Answer: A low carb way of eating is a high fat diet, otherwise it becomes a high protein diet

What would the effects of running a mile every other day whilst maintaining a low carb diet be?

Ask: I am on a low-carb diet (Atkins) and have been for several weeks. I’ve now started thinking about exercise and the easiest way I feel, is running. I know a good circuit around my village which ads up to just over a mile.  If I were to run

What multivitamins can I take if I am in a low carb diet?

Ask: I want to take a multivitamin supplement, is this allowed while your are in a low carb diet? If so what can I take? Answer: A multivitamin is highly suggested also magnesium, sea salt, potassium and lots of water. A half an avocado a day will be very

What can you eat/drink on a low carb, high protein diet?

Ask: I would like a list of what you can eat and drink on a low carb, high protein diet. Something like the Atkins diet. A link would be great or just you typing a list. Thanks. Also if and what needs to moderated. Answer: During the first 2

What are the effects of the low-carb hyper-caloric diet on the body?

Ask: I am an athlete in the off-season, aiming to get stronger and bigger. My goal is also to become leaner. My body-fat is at around 8% and I would like it to be in 5-6% range. I am considering a low-carb, hyper-caloric diet. I was thinking that excess

Cancer and cooking: How my low carb diet is helping me to fight this disease

My name is Hannah Bradley and I am 28-years-old. In February 2011 my world changed in an instant when I had a massive seizure in the early hours of the night. Luckily my partner was with me as I lost consciousness and was rushed to hospital. I really don’t

What are foods with no carbs or very low carbs?

Ask: I want to go on a low-carb diet and possibly intake no carbs at all. Yes, I have been looking online to find a food chart of some sort but I can’t really find anything. Thanks Answers: Answer 1: Most vegetables are low carb. Some good foods to

Why do I feel so clear headed on a low carb diet?

Ask: And when I eat carbs such as fruit or whole grains I usually feel pretty spacey. If you are answering this and have tried or are on a low carb diet, do you find that without glucose you think slower? Answer: “Ketones have been described as “magic” in

I would like to start a low carb diet ?

Ask: Okay Im 5’6 , 147 , My goal weight is 130. I wanna go on a low carb diet but a really healthy one. Id be eating vegetables , chicken , salade , and eggs. I wont be using butter or oil of any such. I also am