lose weight fast

How do I lose about 20 pounds before school starts?

Ask: Okay it’s the beginning of summer and by the end of August/beginning of September I want to be able to lose 20 pounds. I really want to start eating healthy but for me it’s hard to do. Is there any guideline I could follow to help me stay

What are good ways to lose weight?

Ask: Im trying to lose weight quickly and effectively. I don’t want to change my meal plans, but i can eat a little less (no/less snacks and SMALL changes in the meals). But if you have meal plans or something like that i would appreciate it. Workout and workout

Can someone write me up a workout program to lose weight?

Ask: I have no idea what exercise to do or for how long to lose weight, so can someone please write up a exercise program will really appreciate it. I weigh 95 kgs and am 5ft 9 round about. Thank you. Answers (2) Answer 1: Doing an effective whole body