lose weight fast

Am I healthy for my height and age? If not, what is a good diet plan for me to become a healthy weight?

Ask: I am 14 years old, 5’4″ and 125-130 lbs. I am interested in being healthier and I was wondering if I am unhealthy the way that I am. I eat healthy in general, and I take vitamins daily. I am also very active in sports. Since I am

harmful effects caused by fruits

Fruits are good for everyone but eating too many fruits causes adverse effects on your health. Do not eat too many plums Plums contain a lot of acids which decompose calcium– phosphorus and protein in our body, if the amount of these substances decreases, diseases can arise. Too many

How to lose weight fast without any type of exercise?

Ask: Is there anyway to lose weight fast without any type of exercise?Like im talking about like 20 pounds in about a month or so.I don’t have any time to do any form of exercise. Answers (2) Answer 1: The Anshar Diet As an American I’ve seen enough crazy

3 Keys To Overcoming Your Fitness Obstacles

My kids have this story called Caps For Sale. In it, a peddler walks up and down the street trying to sell the different colored caps that he’s carrying on top of his head. The unfortunate peddler doesn’t sell a single cap that day. He’s thwarted by hunger, fatigue,

Need Fitness Motivation? There’s an Avatar for That

According to findings published in the Journal of Marketing Research, people tend to have a “now or whenever” mentality when it comes to results. We’d like our rewards now, thank you—but if we have to wait, it doesn’t matter so much when they arrive. It’s why we’re willing to

Is it possible to lose weight without exercise?

Ask: Is it possible to lose weight without exercise? I have recently injured my legs and arms and im gaining weight and im wondering if I can go on a diet that would lower my weight. If so what should i eat/drink alot? Can someone plan out a diet

Five Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions to Diet and Exercise Might Be Unhealthy

Year after year, one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthy and lose weight. But as resolutions and health regimens are about to be in full swing, many might find that instead of feeling good they are feeling worse. And the reason might be due

9 ways to keep it healthy when eating out

Eating out can be such a pleasure: Someone else chops the veggies, cooks the entree and brings it steaming hot to your table, while you enjoy time with friends or family. But when we eat out, we tend to overdo it. While an occasional splurge is OK, if we’re

What are some like really good healthy foods?

Ask: Mmmkay so yeahh we’re like going to be going to the market soon and i’m trying to loose some weight and i was trying to figure out what some good healthy foods would be other than like fruits and vegis. Answers (2) Answer 1: NO MEAT OR DAIRY!

When to Retire a Running Shoe

Ryan Hall, one of the world’s best distance runners, used to pride himself on wearing his running shoes into nubs. No more. Now he assiduously replaces his shoes after running about 200 miles in them. He goes through two pairs a month. Of course Mr. Hall, sponsored by Asics,