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Healthcare CEOs Weigh In On Technology and the Growing Importance of Social Collaboration4 Responses

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Technology is transforming health care in many ways. CEOs of health care businesses think the biggest transformation in the next few years will come from making patients, doctors and health-care workers more communicative and collaborative. They foresee patients with the same rare diseases coming together in online social networks

How Gardens Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Amidst my whirlwind workday, a sniff of an herb in the garden outside my store reminded me of my grandmother, Cissie, from South Africa, who passed recently. She is the one who started me on the path of becoming a professional urban farmer, gardener, educator, and entrepreneur, and random

Karpf Meets With International Journalists To Discuss Health Care Reform

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At the age of 5, Dr. Jacqueline Noonan began dreaming of being a doctor. At the age of seven, she decided she wanted to be a pediatrician. She never even considered that it might be more difficult because of her gender. “It never dawned on me that there would

Health care for women!

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Health care law gives women control over their care, offers free preventive services to 47 million women Forty-seven million women are getting greater control over their health care and access to eight new prevention-related health care services without paying more out of their own pocket beginning Aug. 1, 2012,

Group Health Insurance Quotes

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Group health insurance is purchased by employers to provide health care benefits for themselves and their employees. The insurance contract is between the employer and the insurance company and the employer is responsible for paying the monthly premium to the insurance company. An employer may require a partial contribution

Where’s the health in health care reform?

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In the months and years ahead, you’re going to hear a whole lot of talk about health care reform, but most of what you’re going to hear is about reform, not health. You see, there’s this great lie out there, this huge misconception, this big shell game, where all

11 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100

One of the biggest factors that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live. Not convinced? A study published in 2009 in the British Medical Journal of 20,000 British folks shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half

Lose Fat Faster Before Breakfast

People can burn up to 20% more body fat by exercising in the morning on an empty stomach, according to new research from Northumbria University. In a study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition on January 24, academics sought to find out whether the known benefits of

harmful effects caused by fruits

Fruits are good for everyone but eating too many fruits causes adverse effects on your health. Do not eat too many plums Plums contain a lot of acids which decompose calcium– phosphorus and protein in our body, if the amount of these substances decreases, diseases can arise. Too many

How to Lose Weight with Better Nutrition?

Ask: How can I effectively lose weight without compromising my nutrition? Some people try losing weight with dietary changes, but end up depriving themselves of proper nutrition and gain the weight back fast because their body becomes malnourished in the process. So, how can I lose weight effectively and