How to get picky toddler to try new things?

Ask: My 2 year old won’t even pick new food up to try it. What works for you? Right now he’s on a very limited diet of chicken nuggets and PBJ sandwiches. I’ve got to do something! Answer: Answer 1: I work with kids with autism, who are notorious

How many calories do i need to eat to lose weight?

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How to lose weight fast for teenage girl Ask: Im a girl 16, 5’4, & weigh 137. I workouy every single day at the gym and burn 500-600 cals. Im trying to lose 7-10 pounds in 5-6 weeks. How many calores should i be eating??

How do I get my dad to lose weight?

Ask: My dad is very overweight, probably obese and I am desperately trying to get him to lose weight. He does not have any motivation whatsoever to lose weight and has gone to the gym but always get hurt and nothing ever goes anywhere. I think the problem is

What is the best way to keep your motivation up to lose weight?

Ask: I have a hard time keeping my motivation to lose weight up, I don’t have anyone to help support me, so what do you think is the best way to keep up my motivation? Answers: Answer 1: Seriously, I could give you a hundred diets that would work,

Flatten Your Stomach and Get Rid Of Your Belly Once And For All With These Amazing Fat Burning Secrets

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Tens of thousands of men and women in more than 130 countries are now enjoying the lean and muscular bodies they never believed they could have. The best part is, they did it without drugs, supplements or starvation diets, and without messing up their metabolisms… How did they do

Vegans and Vegetarians…why do you claim that Vegan and Vegetarian diets are the only way to eat healthy?

Ask: So maybe there is proof that red meat and milk may be slightly ‘bad’ for you, but there is also proof that both have many benefits, insofar as human health, as well. Why is it that you can only find the proof that meat/milk are bad, but not

Japanese diet is often considered healthiest diet. What cuisine is next healthiest?

Ask: Japenese people have a very long lifespan of 83.9 years (combined male/female) and most attribute this longevity to the Japanese diet. I would therefore like to have two parts to this question. 1) What makes Japanese cuisine/diet so healthy? Is it fish oils, something with seaweed, soup, noodles,

What Is WELL Balanced Vegan Diet For A 13 Year Old Girl?

Ask: I turned to into a vegan because i don’t think its right to kill animals for our own need but anyways i would like to know what is a well balanced diet for a 13 year old girl. I hope to get good information thanks in advance. I

I want to lose weight but i can’t?

Ask: Okay so I’m overweight and in middle school but i always look at videos to motivate me to loseweight and i exercise but i keep on forgetting about controlling my appetite and the next day i think nahh i’m not going to exercise anymore.I also don’t have gyms

5 fitness and diet tips for trouble spots

Whether you want to tone your thighs or improve your diet, these fitness and nutrition tips will make you feel your healthiest. Find out which foods to eat and avoid, as well as which exercises will make your body beach-ready. It’s summer! Your wardrobe’s flirty skirts, halter tops and