If you want to take care of your health, you have to take control of your life

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The other day a man called the office to thank me for writing Issue 98’s page 7 editorial, in which I urged readers to get a stress test if they have symptoms or a lifestyle that could lead to a heart attack. The editorial, the caller said, saved his

What are some foods I could buy from the market store that is low carb/fat and still will be a meal?

Ask: I want to lose some fat and i read the best way to do it was to eat low carbs and low fat with 30 mins of running mon-sat? Answer: A low carb way of eating is a high fat diet, otherwise it becomes a high protein diet

What should I stay away from if I want to follow through with a low carb diet?

Ask: Okay, so I heard the low carb diet is great and I wanna give it a try. Could you guys give me some tips or dos and don’ts of low card dieting? Answer: You can lose more body fat eating protein & fat (don’t eat protein alone) than not eating

Energy Balance and Weight Control

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Energy balance is the difference between calorie intake (from food & drinks) and calories out – through our metabolism & energy expended during daily activities. Any change in body weight is the result of an imbalance between energy intake and expenditure. People gain weight gradually because most days they’re

8 Steps to a Healthy Diet

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Eat the right number of calories per day. As far as weight control goes, it all begins and ends with calories. Unfortunately, there is no universal “right” number of calories that everyone should eat each day. Some people are overweight, some are underweight. Some have fast metabolisms, some have

What are some some additional ways one can use to build a healthy diet?

Ask: This is for an essay I’ve already got 1.) Eating organic foods (which I’ll elaborate on) 2.) Balancing foods as per the standards of the food pyramid Answer: There is no better way to bring the body to the state of optimal health than with a low carb

Overweight Children – Prevention and Treatment

Obesity is an increasing problem for children. Now, in addition to educational efforts to get parents to teach their children to eat well and exercise more, kids are turning to adult obesity treatments. These include the use of weight control drugs, like Meridia, and gastric bypass surgery. As in

Health care for women!

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Health care law gives women control over their care, offers free preventive services to 47 million women Forty-seven million women are getting greater control over their health care and access to eight new prevention-related health care services without paying more out of their own pocket beginning Aug. 1, 2012,

Heart Healthy Diet Tips

Weight control and regular exercise are critical for keeping your heart in shape—but the food you eat may matter just as much. A heart-healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke by 80%. By understanding which foods and methods of cooking are healthiest for your heart,

Can I eat KFC grilled chicken on introduction to a low carb diet?

Ask: Phase I of low carb diets allow chicken, and require few carbs a day. The KFC grilled chicken has 0g of carbs. Do calories matter since it is a low carb diet? Answer: KFC grilled chicken (without eating the bun) is fine for low carb. Even the grilled