Since exercise increases your metabolism temporarily, should you eat after exercising?


Would that work for weight loss more effectively than exercising before you eat? Does it really matter when you eat and exercise?
Since alcohol slows down your metabolism temporarily, should you eat nothing just before, during and after drinking the alcohol, until it wears off?


Answer 1:

Mantra of food before exercise: Allow enough time to digest. Allow 3 – 4 hours for a big meal to digest, 2 – 3 hours for a small meal, and an hour or less for a small snack, depending on your body. Avoid high fat proteins. . . so in short u could have light snack or some shake around halrf to one hour before ur exercise as u need energy and also need to maintain water and blood sugar level that will help u during ur workout. If u eat burgers or fried stuff n pasta,u can have vomiting or some stomach ache ,plus it takes long time to digest and hence u wont have energy to work out.
After work out: give urself half an hour and then take whey protein shake or egg whites or some dry fruits or nuts. As this is gonna help u build up the lean muscle instead of fat and also its gonna help u make up for the wear n tear suffered due to the work out.
Exercising early morning is definitely a best way of loosing weight,( dont forget to snack or have a shake as i told before). Why? because ul raise ur metabolism and the effect of cardio stays till 24 hours even after the workout. Hence u have longer period to burn it out. U’ll have more energy as well.
.Well actually there’s nothing like u should not eat before or with or after alcohol. Its just that alcohol has no nutrition value but it has 7calories per gram and yes it slows ur metabolism,hence the key is drink less(zero if possible) and take light food and not burgers,creamy,fried ,and heavy stuff that itself takes lot of time to digest and gets in more calories in addition to ur non helping alcohol calories. Bad fat is the result :)
Hope this helps u.

Answer 2:

This thought of exercising while fasted is still being studied. Intuition says you will dip into fat stores quicker if you do this. However, science says that you go into ketosis. The fat breakdown is incomplete and it causes the body to breakdown protein for glucose (gluconeogenesis) to be used in the Krebs cycle. The protein will come from muscle catabolism (breakdown) – not good. There are a lot of different ways the studies can be done and they are being done. The one thing the studies have shown are you can’t go very long at a high intensity while fasted and there is some muscle loss if sustained for long periods. So, low (time) and slow (walk) is the way to go in the morning when fasted. I personally would not recommend it.

I know you have to wait after you eat to exercise, however, if you eat something light like a fruit salad you will not have to wait as long. The heavier the meal, the longer you have to wait. If you eat a fruit salad or fruit smoothie, you can hit it in about 20 – 30 minutes. The best would be some whole grain breakfast like oatmeal, however, you would have to wait about 45 – 60 minutes before your workout, if your workout is going to be intense. Whole grains release energy when needed. Fruit sugars will be used up pretty quick during high intensity exercises.

As far as eating after you work out, it is highly recommended to eat within an hour after an intense workout. By intense, I mean sweating a lot and maintaining an elevated heart rate > 30 minutes. You should also have a recovery drink. I have chocolate milk for my recovery drink immediately after my workout, then I eat a little later. Eating within an hour after an intense work out increases the efficiency of your body (muscles) to store glycogen (storage form carbohydrates). Since carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, the more efficient you become at storing it the more there will be available for subsequent workouts. So, eat a nice balanced meal within an hour after working out. That will do you good. Eating and drinking after an intense workout also helps cool you down. Eating redirects the blood flow to your digestive system, this in turn helps you cool quicker.

As far as losing weight, it is as simple as calories in versus calories out. If you expend more calories than what is required to maintain your current weight, then you will lose weight. To find out your specific calorie requirements, I would recommend seeking the help of a personal trainer or registered dietitian. You would then decrease those calories by 500 and exercise to lose weight in a healthy manner.

If you want to get wasted quicker then drink alcohol on an empty stomach. If not, eat. Fatty foods really slow the absorption of it.

FYI: To avoid a hangover, drink water while you drink alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you. The dehydration in the morning makes you feel like crap (hangover). So, to avoid the dehydration, drink H2O. Double fist a Miller Lite and Avian.

Best of luck and good health.

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