Secret of why you lose weight is not successful

Fiona Kirk – author of a series of 10 famous weight loss counseling books has made very interesting and honest sharing of fast weight loss tips.

There is no standard diet for everyone

Talking about the series of 10 interesting books – each one targeted to a specific subject – she shares a new perspective, explaining why so many of us gain more weight despite having tried to lose weight.


In an interview with Daily Express Lifestyle, she said: “The most interesting thing about dieting is that there is never a standard diet that’s right for everyone. That is why you see your friends, relatives or colleagues lose weight fast, while you yourself apply that weight loss regime is not successful.”

“Some girls want to apply the latest diet, the most famous now. They are excited, excited and hopeful with a series of positive feedbacks on the diet. While some of you lose weight by eating a lot of salad but the results are not so good except to always feel hungry, insecure mood, fatigue that still weighs.”

So find a diet that works for you, so you can lose weight successfully.

Fiona added: “Let’s imagine all family members want or need to lose weight. At the same time, people who shop for the whole family will not be able to buy the right foods for each member’s weight loss criteria. There must be a standard diet to do so.”

Fiona Kirk - author of the famous 10 weight loss book series

Fiona Kirk – author of the famous 10 weight loss book series

“However, this is not possible. For example, a mother who is in pre-menopause or menopause needs less starch and more fat in her diet every day to limit hormonal breakdown. Dad is still working overtime so need to add foods rich in vitamin B to avoid stress.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old son is focusing on the upcoming exam, need to eat more nutritious food for the brain, to enhance the focus. Her 15-year-old daughter needs more calcium and vitamin D to improve her height.”

“This example shows that each family member has different rations depending on their needs. Therefore, believers lose weight so remember, there is no standard diet that can be applied to all subjects.”

Do not cut back on calories

Do not be seduced by the quick weight loss tips that come with calorie restriction menus. With such diets, you can lose weight fast but the results are not lasting. When the body realizes something is wrong, it automatically stores more fat to get enough energy for daily activities.

Smart diets include green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats and adequate protein.

With this diet, your body will feel loved and cherished. The body will have enough energy to maintain metabolism, so that fat is burned faster.

Exercise the muscles


Exercise, bodybuilding helps you burn fat stored in your body, leaner muscles and your body is leaner. You’re also healthier, more energetic for other sports activities, and more productive.

In addition to exercising, to have toned muscles, you need to build a diet rich in protein and fat, plenty of green vegetables. With this diet, your immune system is maintained healthy, the enzymes work to maximize fat burning and excess energy.

When you lose weight, remember to provide nutritious foods to the brain

The brain needs 60% of fat, mostly saturated fat, about a third of which is unsaturated. Both types of fat are important for nerve fibers, facilitating the transmission of messages between cells in the brain. Therefore, low fat diets will adversely affect the functioning of the brain.

Saturated fats are found in meat and dairy products. Essential fatty acids are found in fish and fish oils, nuts and eggs. Healthy fats are not only good for your body but also do not make you fat. Avoid processed foods and fast foods as they make you lose weight fast and are more likely to get sick.

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