Quick weight loss tricks that you may not know

To make weight loss easier, check out the following weight loss tricks that may surprise you.

Here are 6 weight loss tricks to help you lose weight quickly

1. Choose the smallest possible meal

Take your time to read the menu, even if it only sells burgers and unhealthy foods and should only choose the smallest meals they have available. According to recent studies, people who do not choose the main dish for themselves during a meal, they tend to eat everything on the table even when they are full.

2. Positive thinking

Focus on good thoughts and repeat your goals positively as if it were your mantra. For example, “I’ve lost half a kilo! That’s great!”, “Slow down”, “I can say no to dessert”, etc. Such optimistic phrases will help you achieve your goals with a positive attitude.

3. Eating alone will be better than eating with many people

When you start doing your diet, you often want friends and family to help you do that. However, science has shown that people eating in a group tend to eat more. This happens because you spend a lot of time talking and of course while talking and laughing you can not control the amount of food loaded into the body.

This does not mean that you should eat all your meals alone, but try to eat only what you have set and just eat what you have chosen for yourself to ensure you can enjoy the food and chatting without worrying about eating too much.

4. If you are hungry, eat bananas

This may sound a little crazy, but it really proves that the smell of foods like apples, mints, or bananas can fool your brain. According to a study of 3,000 volunteers, the study was tested when they were hungry and they smelled these foods, which they found reduced their appetite.

5. Decorate table in blue color

Recent research has shown that blue reduces appetite. So, try changing your table with a blue tablecloth, blue napkin or simply using a blue dish, etc. This is called the psychology of color, and there are real colors that will stimulate your appetite, but blue will have the opposite effect for you.

6. Eat in front of the mirror

Eating on a mirror reduces the amount of food you eat by 1/3.

Eating on a mirror reduces the amount of food you eat by 1/3.

You will probably say that it is just ridiculous, but the scientific truth is that eating when you look at yourself in the mirror reduces the amount of food you eat by 1/3.

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