Obalon balloon pill – Special invention helps to lose weight effectively

Today with obesity increasing rapidly. Obesity not only makes people look unattractive but also very difficult to work normally. Therefore, the invention of methods of weight loss is essential and is being interested professionals.

Obalon balloon pill helps to lose weight

The ball will be inflated with the size of an apple in the stomach of the patient

The ball will be inflated with the size of an apple in the stomach of the patient

Biologists have invented a balloon pill called Obalon that helps fat people lose weight quickly and simply. Obalon will bulge like a ball when it is swallowed up into the stomach to make a belly feel.

Obese patients can now lose weight easily with the new Obalon balloon pill – a new medical invention.

Unlike other obesity treatments, Obalon does not require invasive surgery.

Instead, the slimming method only takes 10 minutes. Patients only need to swallow a capsule the size of a large vitamin.

This pill was fitted with a deflated ball and a micro tube. When the pill reaches the stomach, the ball is inflated to the size of a jujube. After that, the pill dissipates itself and the tiny tube is removed through the mouth.

The ball will be fixed in the stomach of the obese patient, giving them a full stomach. From there, the patients will eat less and lose weight effectively.

Patient receives a second ball after 30 days of first ball pumping. Continuing, the third result will be pumped in after about 60 days, based on weight loss and the patient’s sense of well-being.

At the end of the course of treatment (for several months), the ball will self-deflate and be removed from the patient’s stomach by endoscopy.

Obalon’s obesity treatment method is worth about £2,995 for a two-ball course. This method has been implemented in some private hospitals and some other clinics in London (UK).

Treatment takes less time than some other methods and is recommended for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or higher.

Clinical trials in the UK and in the United States have shown that patients can lose an average of 7.7 kg in 12 weeks.

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