Night shifts- How to keep fit and mantain?


Hi all
I am working for an IT company and since past two days my shift has been changed from 6pm -2am. Kindly tell me any tips for keeping fit and digestive system gud, any thing which could help.

Only sensible Answers please donn joke…



Answer 1:

Arrrggghh….. Frustrating or what! Been there done that and would do it again for a few more years as I am desperate for the money and a job at the mo. On a flexi shift your whole body system can get messed up. But you can keep it in control.

Best thing is eating light and healthy and frequently. A friend of mine had a back pack full of fruit and snacking veg and nuts which he casually ate all the way throughout the day and this helped him keep his meals small. He sometimes even nibbled on sandwiches, not actually eating it properly, taking very small nibbles and made it last for like 30-40 mins. Amazing!

Also plan a work out regime if you already don’t have one be at home or at a gym. Going to the gym straight after work might benefit you as I know if I go home first I’m likely to put off any work out. If you work out from home you’ll need the will power to do this. But do it straight after work so that you have the rest of the day to relax. (of course on other shifts the best time is often said to be first thing in the morning).

There are some gyms that operate 24hrs or at least open in the small hours so it could be possible for you to go before you start work but at that time its not really ideal. I know in India many ashrams and holy places and yoga retreats etc start their day 3am.

But eating in similar manner described above will help not to scoff down large portion of meals and kind of keeps your digestive system moving throughout the day. Possibly lay of the food for the last 2hrs of work if you hit the gym straight after.

Get a good 6-8hrs sleep as the last thing you want is to be tired after work which is a de-motivator for doing anything after, trust me I know. So this does mean going to bed early and keeping the night life to a minimum if not cutting it out altogether while your on this shift. Oh and keeping alcohol to a minimum is also good.

Finally what also may help is doing yoga. I would pref do any yoga before a weights or cardio session as it really resembles stretching like moves and so helps to warm up the body before doing any hard activity. And of course medetative yoga is good. Do this before work, it can be as little as 10-15mins of Pranayam (breathing excercises) which will kick start your day.

For learnig any yoga moves there are like loads of websites out there, you don’t need dvd’s although it helps some people as its easier to stick the disc in than waiting for you pc/the web site to load up! Theres all sorts of video footage showing you the moves. As a starter go to which I found is a good starter with demonstrations in flash. Later you could search out the other sites that show free video footage of work out programs and some advanced moves.

Best thing is to plan everything out in advanced and you’ll be ok.

Answer 2:

Hello there, having worked for the 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. shift for the past four years, I think I would be qualified to give you proper advice here. I understand how that sucks so no joking in my advice; first thing you should do is to try and reset your daily schedule to this new lifestyle in order 4 ur body to adapt as much as possible. Reset your meal times not acc. to normal life but acc. to your own. Heres what I do: Have breakfast at 5 p.m. lunch at midnight(ish) and then a light snack such as a fresh fruit which is easier to eat at work at around 3 a.m. and the dinner 2 hours before bed, at 8 a.m. That last meal is the lightest as its just before bed and try not to eat it like a real dinner which would keep u awake for hours digesting. Since I would do the necessary tasks of day for the two hours after that meal I could digest properly such as a shower, making the necessary phone calls, writing up checks for my bills which needs to be paid while the normal people are awake you know and I used to go to college for evening classes too. Anyhow, I think u get my point, live like other people by restting the clock acc. to your life and the times that u have to do the normal things that are done daily. So, 3 a.m. dinner – 4:30 a.m. hit the bed (roughly at that time)- wake up around noon in a room with windows darkened and the phone off the hook – have breakfast at around 12:30 p.m. which would leave you with a snack of cheese or whatever lighter and high in protein u desire and have dinner at work around 6:30-7:00 with a light cup of soup if u have access to a microwave or a light protein-loaded cold-cut sandwich with fresh veggies as salad on the side and repeat the cycle again. If you can add an hour worth of exercise between 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. u would be healthier than many people who work during the day! Hey sorry for such a long post, but if I’ve done it, you sure can too. Good luck!

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