Long-term and effective weight loss plan

You spend most of your time doing a continuous diet to lose weight but your weight always increases. So what’s going on, you may not have a long-term and effective weight loss plan.

Of course you know: Each person has a certain height, hair color or eye color and can not decide for themselves. In addition, each person also has a certain weight. The experts call it: The body weight norm, which is a body mass that is programmed and struggling to maintain that level.

Long-term and effective weight loss plan

Finding weight norms

Each person has a different weight norm, for example a 1.65m tall woman with a small frame usually with a norm of 51-57kg, but another woman with the same frame can weigh from 55-62kg. Different wavelength varies but the same: The body always “fight” to preserve that number.

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Back to the familiar story: Most women on diet have recognized weight loss was difficult, maintaining the weight was reduced more difficult.

When the balance is below the natural level, the body begins to respond by slowing metabolism, lowering the temperature to use less energy. Did you realize that when you “broke up” too much weight, you often sleepy, tired, cold, even menstruation disappears? The body knows something is going on so it automatically disables this function. “It” is trying to say: I need more food to maintain the function properly.

Before that strong reaction, can we change weight norms? The Diet Channel, a world-renowned experts on weight loss, believe: Unlike eye or hair color, you can set weight norms. Another question is: How do we do it?

“War” in peace with weight

Weight norms are governed by biological and genetic factors, or internal factors, including a small structure deep in the brain, the nerves that run between the brain and the stomach and a series of other hormones. However, the outside agent wins the inside to play a decisive role, which is: Eating and exercise habit.

Research from the University of South Carolina, USA, found that slowly gaining weight of about 9kg due to insatiable diet and less exercise in 20 years would deceive the body to think that one’s norm should be higher. Results: The body will reset to a higher number.

The road is always two-way, the body also has the ability to lower the norm. The principle is that: The process of deceiving the body must take place gradually, more specifically we need to cooperate, not against that natural tendency. Come on, plan for the revolution “blowing” weight!

Limit calorie intake

The rule sounds old, but you’ve done it right? In basic principle, weight loss is just a way to control calories in the body, to make better weight loss plans, check out this by the following methods.

Based on calorie spreadsheet

Calorie calculator from the Nutrition Institute is the fastest way to help you quantify the amount of calories absorbed in the food, using the calorie calculator incorporating the following tools.

  • Toolkit for weight loss calorie planning.
  • Calculate daily calorie items to find out how much calories you have.
  • Tool calories burned when playing sports.

Good luck!

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