Lemonade diet

Going on a lemonade diet, you can see the results in just one week. Adding lemons to foods not only adjusts abundant fat in the body but also makes you stronger.

1. Some usages of lemons

- Detoxify the body

Starting a new day with a warm glass of water with some drops of lemon added is a good habit to keep your body slim and detoxify all pollutants out of your body. Also, it helps you avoid water accumulation.

The reason is that lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps to burn more abundant calories. Lemonade diet also cleanses out kidneys and increases the effectiveness of kidneys to detoxify the body.

Reduce your appetite

To fight against sudden hunger, you can sniff lemon essential oil or fresh lemon skins. This will send a message of being full to your brain and all hungers can be prevented quickly.

Stimulate digestion

Fresh lemons can detoxify livers and stimulate digestion system so that they can function more effectively. Lemons are also an excellent supporter of stomach. Some drops of fresh lemons added to foods help to aid digestion. It is also better for you to finish meals with some slides of lemons.

Lemonade diet - some usages of lemons

Lemonade diet - some usages of lemons

2. Some methods  to go on a lemonade diet

Lemon juice can reduce both your thirst and your appetite. So, do exercises in 15 minutes each day, then drink a glass of lemon juice. This way is very effective to lose weight and applied popularly in Japan.

Lemonade diet - some methods to go on lemonade diet

Lemonade diet - some methods to go on lemonade diet

Directions on making the Lemonade Diet Recipe

  1. Wash the lemons carefully, and then press them to get the extract. Lemon skins are full of calcium so you also should press some of them to get the best results. Mix lemon juice with 1 liter of water to reduce its sourness and then put it in the bridge.
  2. Each day, drink at least 2 liters of diluted lemon juice instead of mineral water. Following this way, you don’t need to change your regimen, just limit fast foods.
  3. Take regular exercise in at least 15 minutes per day to detoxify your body, which contributes to losing weight process.

Lemons and vinegar are equally good for losing weight.  You can drink a glass of lemon juice or apple vinegar after meals to lose weight. However, lemons and vinegar contains a large proportion of acid so you shouldn’t drink them when you are hungry. Also, drink solid lemon juice may harm the stomach wall.

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