Is it reasonable to have fitness tests for pensioners to draw their pensions?


Pensioners use the health service more than others so it would reduce the burden of old people if they were required to keep fit.


Answer 1:

I know many pensioners who are so fit they could run more quickly for a bus than many 30 years old. It is the younger generation who stuff their faces with chips, burgers, anything full of fat and rarely exercise (because they are now too fat to do so) who you should be targeting here. Many of these are the same people who don’t wish to get out of bed in a morning to earn a living because they receive as much as they need in benefits paid for by tax payers (which we all were until we retired). If they did get out of bed and worked at least 40 hours a week they would be fit and well also (unless it killed them because some will be too unfit to do any kind of work).

I know many pensioners who ride bikes (don’t even own a car) walk 4 or 5 miles a day and rarely catch a bus.

If you think that pensioners should be fit ‘to draw them pension’ you have lost the plot of what pension is about and where that money came from in the first place. We don’t get freebies like today’s youngster – we paid for many decades for the ‘privilege’ of receiving a pension.

Answer 2:

The same could be said of babies and children, let us stop child allowance
until such times as parents feed their children correctly, the problem then
is what do you do about congenital diseases and so on ?

Those who are pensioners now, have paid into the ‘pot’ through taxation and
National Insurance most of their lives, being told that this would give them an
adequate pension in old age. The fact that we were lied to about this by
successive governments of all political persuasions, is not our problem.

Many if not most pensioners, do try to keep fit, the fact that they spend huge
amounts on heating, water, and other utilities could be the reason that some do
not have an adequate diet. But the overall issue is that no matter how fit one is,
the natural deterioration of the human body is an overriding factor.

If the UK only had to provide for it’s own elderly population of all colours and
creeds, then there would be enough in the proverbial pot to allow the NHS to
cope. We have economic migrants, people coming to the UK for abortions,
and various other ‘free’ operations, alcoholics and drug addicts draining the
I could go on forever, but so long as the UK allows the EEC to tell it what to do
there will not be enough for our native populace. So please make sure that you
have enough in a private pension, for when your body starts to show signs of
age deterioration, and whatever you do, do not believe politicians who tell you

Answer 3:

where did you get your info from, which statistics did you use.
you are missing a point. pensioners PAID out of wages to ensure a pension.they paid tax and insurance. THEY STILL PAY TAX.. i know pensioners.
being a pensioner does not mean you are not fit.or visit the surgery more than anyone else.

look around at obese young people who never work but don`t try to get fit or get off benefits
.most pensioners will never need gastric bands on the nhs.some obese people do.

look around at druggies, mainly young.pensioners don`t get methadone on the nhs, then sell it to buy more drugs.

look around at smokers who get .smoking patches on the nhs .then sell them and carry on smoking.

by age 60/65 pensioners have usually earned that pension. it does not cover luxuries. sometimes they have to cut out a lot previous hobbies due to the cost of them.also a lot of them do voluntary work because they don`t have spare cash for much else, and have been used to a regular routine.
.i know pensioners who never visit the surgery.
your body wears out.over time i.e. arthritis, heart diease, dementia. high cholesterol.some things are not brought on through neglect .


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