I am looking for a suggestions for a hypertension exercise program – any ideas?


I have mildly elevated blood pressure and want to bring it under control through diet and exercise – so i’m looking for suitable hypertension exercise suggestions that I can try. Thanks.


Answer 1:

The key to any exercise program is staying motivated and setting realistic goals. First off if you haven’t been exercising you should have a check up with your doctor to ensure they give you the all clear to begin – they should be able to give you some suggestions on what sort of exercises are suitable for you. Brisk walking, swimming and some gentle aerobic exercises like yoga or taichi could be good options.

If you join a gym or an exercise class make sure you tell them about your health status.

Secondly, it helps to rope in a friend or partner to join you in whatever exercises you chose to have a go at. Having someone else involved means your more likely to stick with it.

As you’re doing this for the health benefits don’t try to cram lots of exercise in or join loads of classes, make your regime realistic and achievable. You’re in this for the long term.

Which leads to finding exercises you enjoy. You don’t have to stick with just one either, the more varied your exercises are the more interested you’ll be in keeping going. Remember exercise can include attending a dance class or taking up a new hobby – it doesn’t have to be restricted to gym sessions

Keeping a journal so you can see the positive changes brought about by sticking to your new hypertension exercise program can be a great way of staying motivated. Don’t forget to put in your blood pressure readings and watch them drop.

As you’ve already mentioned diet you probable realise that exercising isn’t the whole answer. If you’re overweight you need to try and lose the extra pounds. The exercise will help with that, but you may need to modify your diet too. Get rid of processed, high fat and high in salt foods and replace with fresh produce that is freshly prepared.

When the going gets tough and you don’t feel like doing your exercises just tell yourself how much it’s helping your health and that by doing it you’re going to be working towards lowering your blood pressure and improving your health. Its all about choosing the hard right over the easy wrong.

Don’t forget to reward yourself – not with a big sugary doughnut of course (remember the diet modifications!), but with something that is just for you. If could be a new CD, a book or even a new item of clothing – anything that will encourage you to keep going.

Following these steps, you should be able to stick to a exercise program that works towards lowering hypertension with the added benefit of improving your health overall too.

Answer 2:

I suggest a nice mild daily walk and if available, gentle pool aerobics. My husband has high blood pressure and as a busy attorney I make sure he gets some gentle work out. Weight loss helps too if you are overweight. My hubby needs to lose at least 40 lbs and I am his best cheerleader. Also watch that salt because most foods from away from your kitchen may have too much. At my age I am starting to consider that and getting used to using herbs and peppers to season my foods. Chicken soup with lemon pepper is tasty. I can tell you hypertension needs gentle excercise and good low sodium diet and weight control and see your doctor. I am sure they will tell you that.

experience and please take care of yourself because hypertension can lead to stroke and that is not good. By the way he is the attorney not me. Stress can add to hypertension too

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