How to lose weight fast at the gym for women: Exercise lose belly fat

Women always want to own a flat toned stomach, healthy. The gym exercises reduce belly fat will be burning fat most efficiently, helping more toned abdominal muscles.

The underlying causes leading to the accumulation of abdominal fat is due to hormonal changes in the body, or by complex diet eating improperly. The study showed that the area will become even more fat with increasing age than, or due to physical inactivity, this easy to make people gain weight, fat accumulation in the body.

Here are 6 exercises burn belly fat GYM toned waistline for women

Abdominal exercises on:

Sitting on a chair so comfortable. Sitting upright posture in his arms folded across his chest. Slowly lower the rear focal person that most flex abdominal muscles and back not touching the chair and use the abdominal muscles pull the original location. Down inhale – to exhale. Episode 3 sets. 15-20 reps / sets, each sets 5-10s stay.

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Note: beating people not to touch the seat back, lasting affects your spine.

Abdominal exercises below:

Lie on your back on the floor to hand close to the body. Start gong movements inhale abdomen muscles pull the legs up so that the lap with the body forms an angle of 90 degrees. When exhaling foot drop down note not to let the heel touching the floor to avoid curvatures. You can practice gym exercises reduce belly fat at the gym or at home very easily.

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Exercise intercostal

Stand up straight machine body. Two hand to the ear. Slowly lower the weight to the left center of the bow forming intercostal muscle strain amplitude off. Then stretch returnees original position and right. Down deep breath through your nose to breathe out through your mouth. 3 sets. 15-20 reps / sets, each sets 5-10s stay and switch sides. For long can you train with weights to increase the combined effect of exercise.

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Man lying on the floor two elbows on the floor to keep body weight. Two outriggers on the floor with the toes and a moderate expansion. Then lift your body off the floor and keep your body in a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and repeat this exercise 3 times.

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Note: Requires sunken abdomen, hips and lower back straight to avoid back pain and work properly on the mechanical exercise.

To maximize the effects of exercise you need to perform correct movements follow the instructions to avoid injury may occur as well as to bring maximum efficiency. Along with the option to own a suitable exercise, you should persevere in combination with reduced fat diet healthy to improve physique, regain waist slimming faster.

Above are 4 exercise the waist that you should perform daily maintenance to have a beautiful body, supple and healthy. Wish you could lose weight quickly as desired.

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