How to lose belly fat

4 effective tips to lose belly fat after having baby

Covering with hot salt, massaging with wine and ginger, steaming are can help the women reduce the 20-30 cm belly size after having baby. Sagging belly is always the obsession of all women. After 9 months o pregnant, instead of a firmed belly, women will have sagging one with

5 ways to lose 5-8 kg fast for women at home

Women can eliminate belly fat in short period of time by 5 ways below. Apply these ways daily, you will see the change of your waist in 7 days. Let’s determine these 5 effective ways! Belly fat is common problem with office lady and new mothers. It is cause

What to eat to lose weight and belly fat in 7 days?

What to eat to lose weight crash or what to do to take off weight in a week is a frequent question of every person, who wants to lose weight by following a strict regimen. A reasonable diet will help you lose weight fast. In this post, we will

21 effective exercises to lose belly fat for both men and women (part 2)

In previous post, we give 10 in 21 crunching exercises which help burn fat fast. Today, we will continue with the rest to get slim waist for women and 6 packs for men. You don’t need to join gymnastic class or pay for expensive equipments; you can totally kick

21 effective exercises to lose belly fat for both men and women (part 1)

No matter what gender you are, you all want a firm and slim body. That’s the reason why losing weight exercises always attract the attention of many people. Below are 21 exercises which help burn belly fat for both men and women. We can do them wherever. Let’s perform

5 exercises for a slim belly

Owning a slim body will help women attract the sight of the men. Especially, summer is coming; it is so great to show off your sexy body on the beach. To reach the goal, let’s start 5 following simple exercises! Ride a bike This is the simplest exercise which

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is the most obstinate fat that can be shed with a structured exercise regime. Lack of physical activity combined with our sedentary jobs can be cited as the major cause for belly fat. Not only does belly fat look ugly, but it is also the cause for

Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

The issue of belly fat is rampant especially among men and when men has belly fat or abdominal fat, they lose shape and they no longer look fit and sexy. It is to remove belly fat that the six pack abs came to place. There are many ways that