How to eat right with Type 1 Diabetes?


I have type 1 diabetes and I struggle to get it under control. Does anyone have any recipes for healthy eating w/ diabetes or tips to managing and controlling your diabetes.

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Answer 1:

I’ve been diabetic (type II) for thirteen years. Based on my experiences, may I suggest the following.

1. Make sure you are seeing an Endocrinologist. MDs and DOs refuse to conceed their lack of expertise in the treatment of diabetes. A GOOD, well informed, Physicians Assistant is also a great help. They can spend the necessary time to talk to you.

2. Traditionally, the prescribed diet is 60% Carbs, 25% Protein and 10-15% fat. It NEVER worked for me. Now I try to eat 70% protein, 15% Carbs and a little fat (it is needed).

3. The really bad news is NO PASTA, WHITE POTATOES, BUTTERED TOAST, PANCAKES or WAFFLES. Starch and gluten are very bad for us. If you must have some to cure a craving, eat a small portion and then exercise (get on a bicycle, walk fast for a few miles) BURN the carbs up.

4. Oddly enough, my glucose does rise if I eat strawberries or blueberries but it recedes within two hours. It just goes to show you that every diabetic’s body reacts to foods in different ways.

All I can offer is a diet high in proteins and serious daily exercise works very well for me. Just let the physician or PA know so they can check your kindney output.

While I personally am not an exercise freak, it beats the hell out of losing body parts or blindness.

Good luck!

Answer 2:

A healthy balanced diet. Eat starchy Carbs, i.e. potatoes, oats, etc, and cut out as much sugar. Check labels as Carbs do contain sugar.

Fruit is good, in moderation, as these contain natural sugars which have little effect on your blood sugars.

Rice and pasta are good, but again check labels on sauces as these might be high in sugar, so make your own.

Good foods are: Fresh Veg; potatoes, cauli, etc
Meat; no carbs or sugar

Lastly, each person reacts to different foods in different ways. So try them, and check you BM readings.

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