How does cardio burn fat all over the body?


It seems like it doesn’t do anything… Although it does A LOT, how does it burn fat from all areas?

Answer 1:

Fat is stored fuel. You are always using a mix of fat (free fatty acids) and carbohydrates (glycogen) as fuel. The proportion varies with the intensity of the exercise until you go anaerobic (> your cardiovascular system’s ability to transfer oxygen). Anaerobic energy production uses strictly glycogen. You lose fat deposits when you take in less fuel than you need to power your day. When you eat too much, the excess is converted to stored fat.

For more than you wanted to know about fat metabolism.

Answer 2:

Diets suck! Just eat healthy and balanced meals. Firstly, let me just tell you that skipping meals or not eating much doesn’t make you loose weight. You want to loose weight in a moderate fashion so that your body doesn’t gain all the weight back as soon as you begin to eat normally. Drink lots of water; Eat every 2-2.5 hours, small meals, 5-7 times A day. Reduce your caloric intake to 1,200-1,300 calories a day and your total fat grams to less than 35 grams. I’m Vegetarian and I barely work out and I’m super thin; what you should do is WALK…it is actually better than running b/c it makes your ankles weak over time. If you do run, jog on the treadmill with no incline. Try the bike too. A thin person is this way because it is 90% of what we eat and 10% workout/exercise. Choose as well if you want to work out more, or eat less if you want or a combo. But remember to choose Which one will work for you and if you do decide to not workout then view the links I will provide to eat the necessary requirements the body needs. Anyway, With cardio, the belly is burning fat b/c you are sweating all over-Not a lot of people know that walking burns fat around the mid section. If you’re into sit ups, you should try AT LEAST to do 3 sets of 10 on a mat. If you’re not familiar with sit ups, just ask personal trainers at a gym one day-you can just walk in and ask them-they wouldn’t hesitate to answer. ALSO IMPORTANT: Do not use incline o.k.with bike, treadmill, etc. ok? -because your thighs will get bigger. If you already have bigger thigh Muscles they will continue to maintain the “bigness” and or increase in size. But hey, if you want to burn fat And GAIN A LITTLE MUSCLE TOO then try a little resistance!! Cardio also burns the extra little fat that is covering muscles so yay for cardio! Tapes of Cardio Burning or fat burning or Belly fat burning could work in your case too Or Buy a treadmill or bike so that this will always be available for you to do…join a gym if u want too.

Being a person that eats meat or dairy once in a while is the best to try right now for you. Or at least cut down on red meat. Red meat are  foods that take so long to digest which would make you weigh more on scale than you should. I’m not trying to promote becoming a vegetarian, but giving this a try could help with swifter weight loss. Drinking lots of tea like white, chamomile, and green will help too.

Having a high protein diet is good in loosing fat, and keeping lean muscles, because usually the more protein is in a food-the less calories from fat and bad fat (trans fat and saturated fat)..I eat lots of beans (Lima, Pinto, kidney, black, navy- RAW; never in can(but that is just my choice-if you wanted canned its NO PROBLEM). No sugar applesauce is great too and a great snack-find it in jar form or mini cases. Try Quinoa or flaxseeds or something nutty texture like Oatmeal, old fashioned rolled oat too, you can find Quinoa in your grain, beans, or nut aisles. You can sprinkle these foods on all veggies and salads. I also eat lots of salad with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, and carrots! Eat salad with no dressing too or dressing that has 50 calories per 2 tablespoons. Try Bear Naked products-particularly what I only eat of this product are 2 of the many which are Bear Naked’s Fit, Vanilla Almond Crunch and Bear Naked’s Fit Triple Berry Crunch. The entire kosher aisle has many products to munch on like Matzos that go up to 150 calories per cracker. I like the 100-110 calories per cracker. Try Edamame (soy beans) too! – Tons of protein! (Veggie section even though it’s a bean loll)-get the non gmo kind. Dairy, hnmm well cheese-I’d suggest you go for yogurt over cheese and id cut back off the cheese for awhile because of the high saturated fat which is fat that is difficult for the body to break down thus causing unnecessary places for fat to sit on body because it doesn’t know how to appropriately break it down. Try a yogurt called “Fage 0″ or “Chobani” yogurt. ALL vegetables are fun and easy to cook-broccoli, asparagus, yams, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower-and you can do whatever you want with it (boil, steam, roast, stir fry, baked…etc.) Try having all of your meals with colors of vegetables. For example, if you make grilled chicken then make sure there are tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and or carrots on that plate! Oh hey, when you are buying bread or wheat, if the label doesn’t say 100% whole wheat then chances are that it is not whole wheat. Make sure you get the 100% whole wheat ones (it will say “WHOLE” wheat as its first ingredient) on foods and carbohydrates aka grains. There is also absolutely no sugar in Matzos btw (sugar if not burned turns into fat). I bake Matzos for about 2 minutes and then break them up into squares so it looks like chips! Oh, did I mention they are extremely delicious!? Miso soups and brown rice are great too and cut back or limit your refined foods.

Here are some links for you dear:  this is a chart of weight to height ratio.…Write down what you eat so buy a little book and call it your food diary (or whatever you want to call it) and calculate what you eat

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