How do I gain weight, but still keep healthy?


I’m a bit underweight, I’m 13, 5 foot 7, and weigh only 98 pounds. I would like to gain 5 pounds. What should I eat that will help me gain weight? And how do I still keep healthy? Like what are some healthy foods that will make you gain weight?


If you don’t want to read my whole answer, here are the best foods for gaining weight:
Carbs- PASTA, wheat bread, rice, and don’t forget sugar (juice, fruits, etc..).
Healthy Fats- PEANUT BUTTER, MILK, fish (salmon).
Protein- MILK, CHICKEN, peanut butter, fish, red meat, canned tuna.
**** Just eat a lot, and don’t forget, you are only 13; over the next five years, you will gain a lot of weight naturally and fill out your frame. Look over the articles that I posted; they will give you a better idea of what healthy foods to eat.
You will either gain fat, or muscle. At your weight and height, you can gain 5lbs of fat without getting anywhere close to being overweight. Believe it or not, according to BMI (body mass index) calculators, at 5′ 7″ you should weigh between 120 and 155 pounds. You’re young though, so you probably still have a smaller frame and, therefore, should consider reaching around 120 pounds. Here is some help for gaining fat and muscle. Fat will be a lot easier to gain than muscle, and even though it sounds crazy to want to gain fat, you are not in ANY danger of becoming overweight or unhealthy anytime soon.

FAT: Just eat a lot. Try and eat foods that contain a good amount of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Good sources of complex carbs include: pasta, wheat bread, and brown rice. Good sources of healthy fats include fish, peanut butter, and 2% milk. If you eat a lot of pasta and drink a lot of milk, you will gain weight. You should also run to keep your heart healthy, so go running for 30 minutes three times a week. To help your muscles recover and grow after running, you should eat a decent amount of protein as well (milk, chicken, meat, peanut butter). Also, there are many other foods with good carbs and fats, just research them. And don’t deprive yourself of sugar.

MUSCLE: Muscle would be much harder for you too gain. Basically, you would have to do everything in the paragraph above, and also do high intensity workouts (lifting weights).

**** Your best option is to try and gain muscle and fat at the same time. Do everything in the first paragraph, and ask your parents to buy you some 5 to 15 pound dumbbells (make sure they’re not too light or heavy). Just look up some good dumbbell exercises to do at home. Most importantly, eat a lot, and make sure that you’re eating enough sugar (you don’t want to pass out while running).

****Oh and please don’t run at night or on any trails. Only run during the daytime, and stay around houses & people. Be safe and good luck.****

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