How can i lose weight when im 238 lbs?



I recently realized i really want to lose some weight cause i want to attract the ladies :D and have a more self confidence. This is always a biggie in most teens my age. Being 238 lbs at the age of 16 in not fun. Can someone give me some tips on what to do.


Answer 1:

I’m fifteen, and I’m a ‘lady,’ so my advice may help. So, when I scanned your message, the biggie I noticed was that you wanted to lose weight to get more self confidence. Self confidence is definitely what you want. So, you want to attract the ladies and more self confidence. That’s you’re motivation, and you aren’t going to go anywhere without taking action.

1) Set goals. You’re long term goal: lose weight. Short term goal: for example, lose 5 pounds in the first 2 weeks. Set yourself some realistic goals on weight loss, eating healthy, and exercising. You absolutely need to eat healthier by cutting junkfood completely out of your diet. And there’s always going to be those cravings, but when you go for that donut, think twice about your decision. You know you’ll regret it. And here’s the good part-after not eating junkfood for a while, you won’t even crave it anymore. You’ll be able to look that donut in the sprinkles, and it’ll look like a chunk of dog crap to you, and you won’t even want to eat it.

2) Exercise. Exercising is really fun once you get used to it. At first, you won’t want to exercise, but stay positive and remember that it’ll benefit your life, your life span, your self-esteem, your ability to attract the ladies, and there are so many more benefits. Take it slow at first. Start going on walks. Finding an exercise buddy really helps, because it’s like you’re in it together, and you always have someone there to help motivate you. Once you start feeling better and more able to do longer walks, maybe start jogging. On those days where there’s crappy weather, work on lifting weights, do push-ups, crunches, and any other good exercise.

One key to doing this is keeping positive. You have to think about your future, too. What everybody wants in the future is to be happy. You’re not going to be happy if you don’t start improving your life now. You also have to know that you can lose weight, because you’re in control. Make sure you start becoming a health freak, like me. I promised myself I’d never eat McDonalds ever ever again. That’s easy for me now, because I became a health freak. I eat like 5 apples a day, but that’s just because I love apples, and when my mom makes those tempting baked goods, I make a healthier choice and eat an apple, or something else healthy.

Answer 2:

I’m not an expert, but I can say this:

-Drink lots of water, fruits, and vegetables.

-Try to avoid cravings as they only last for about 8-14 minutes once you realize that you can’t have what you want (Yes, I got that from VH1! Lol)

-SWIMMING is a great way to get in shape (it’s a full body aerobic exercise — just do a bunch of laps for about 45 minutes to an hour…you burn the most calories in this sport and you sweat the most, disgusting I know…but I’m a swimmer and it’s a great way to stay in shape :-))

-Running and walking are great too because they help to lose cellulite and any extra fat off your legs

-Wall-sits and bridges (Where you get on the ground and put your elbows on the floor and have them hold your body up with your legs straight out across the floor (but not on the ground)) help too…stretching your leg out at a 90 degree angle while the other one is straight on the floor is a great exercise too

-Basketball also helps tremendously

*Remember this tip: the darker the food, generally the healthier it is for you. And try doing these exercises everyday…and don’t eat unless your HUNGRY and cut your meal portions in half and avoid unncessary snacks (get a stick of gum or suck on an ice cube)

Good luck and I hope you can lose the weight! :-D

Answer 3:

You need to cut out all junk food and pop. Start on a weekend where you will eat only fruits, salads and drink Water at least 8 glasses and stay in your room, watch TV etc. By Monday you will have lost at least 5-7 pounds. After that eat portion controlled meals, a quarter of your plate should contain carbs like potato or Rice or pasta, another quarter chicken or turkey and a half vegetables. Don’t drink fruit juices, drink water.Start exercising, buy yourself a Tae-bo Fat burner DVD and start slowly doing it, its hard at first but once you learn the routine its easy. During the day take 1 Sandwich with Turkey or Chicken to school and an Apple and a Banana. Breakfast have eggs and 1 slice of toast or
1 package Quakers Instant Oatmeal and 1 Orange. If you keep this up without cheating you can drop 20 pounds in the first month, After that it will be a bit slower, my friend did this religiously and she started Labor Day of 2005 and by June 2006 she’s lost 120 pounds. She exercised every day one hour doing Tae-bo, ate no sweets, drank only tea and water, no butter or margarine on her bread, only ham or turkey and 1 slice of low fat cheese.
You can do it, it has to become a way of life. Once a month reward yourself with your favorite food and eat it and get right back on the new eating habits you’ve developed.

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