How can I change old habits about losing weight?


I am 21, college student, 225lbs. I have always struggled with weight and self confidence issues. I am wanting to get down to around 180, mainly muscle. I am trying to figure out how to over come my laziness and lack of self motivation and self dedication to actually start losing weight. Just any insight of what may have helped you, or things you may know that would help would be much appreciated.


First off, realize that I’m not a physician so the information is a personal opinion.

You will need to get to the root cause of your self-confidence issues, perhaps seeking therapy.

Why do you want to lose weight?
Mine was for health reasons, tumors/cysts. Doctors wanted to cut on me (surgery) and I did not want to go that route.
So, getting back to you..why do you want to lose the weight?
I’m sure you know what it will take to lose the weight, eating right, portion control, exercise.
But unless you get to the root cause, find the motivation, I’m wasting my and your time.

I could tell you that if you don’t lose the weight, that there is a chance you will be plagued with health problems, particularly as you get older, but I’m sure you already know that.
Image yourself at your ideal weight, find someone that has a similar body structure as you do but at the weight and physique that you want to be.
Ask yourself is it worth it to change your life to look that him?
I understand that being in college that the average student does tend to gain weight, I start my Fall Term in a few weeks, so I know.
But as a student you also know what it takes for you to get good grades, pass that exam.
Hitting the books, or what the Brits call mug (studying hard) and saying no to the partying.
The same with losing weight. Saying no to foods that got you were you are now, letting go of your current lifestyle for a new you.
Gosh, I meant to keep this brief (smile).
Realize DDub that you’re worth what it takes to reinvent yourself or to be reborn to the new you.
Take it slow and steady, Eliminate the junk food by changing one bad food for a good one.
Self-determination and are worth it.
You have age and time on your side, do it.

A few ideas that most don’t realize in addition to the regular weight loss stuff.
Digestive enzymes, helps digest cooked foods and thereby increasing your metabolism.
Don’t know if you want to go this far but proper food combining will also help lose the weight
The processed foods, sugar, junk foods are pretty much made for you to gain weight, again a personal opinion.
So you’re gonna have to go clean; fresh fruits, vegetables, clean water.
Sorry, this was so long ;-)
Wish you the best DDub

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