How am I supposed to lose weight when my family eats unhealthy?


There’s never really any fruits or vegetables in the house, only junk food, which I’m going to be tempted to eat.
I really want to lose weight, and my mom just doesn’t understand.
Can you give me healthy meals that I can stick to for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
I’m begging you for help.

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Answer 1:

As far as overall health goes diet and exercise are both important but as far as specifically weight loss goes, diet is actually up to 80% of the problem (or solution).
So exercise is very important, don’t get me wrong, and it’ll definitely speed up the process. But you are right that motivation is the biggest part of the battle, so your situation becomes rather sticky. But I’m a little confused. Does your mom refuse to buy anything healthy for you? Or simply refuse to join you in your dieting?
In either case, I suggest doing research and coming to your mom with concrete science about the dangers of being unhealthy AS WELL AS the benefits of being healthy and some tasty looking healthy recipes. If your mom has been refusing to buy you healthy food then that should definitely be enough to change her mind. If she has just been refusing to join you, it may or may not get her on board depending on how convincing you are with your research and recipes.
Since most healthier meals require cooking, you may develop a hobby out of it.I’m no expert, but I know waay more than the average person about nutrition. So hopefully this helps:

What recent research has been showing is that there is a certain rule of thumb that natural or “whole” foods are almost always the better choice. For centuries humans have eaten what they can hunt, find on the ground, or grow, and then we sometimes hold it over fire. That’s how we’ve eaten forever and thats how our bodies evolved to eat, it’s what we’re meant for.
That being the case, there have been many cultures which eat only natural foods without any chemicals and they have very low obesity rates. Even Eskimo people ate pretty much nothing but seal meat, which is very high in fat, they were relatively healthy.
Why? Because our bodies are designed to eat natural foods, not fake preserved foods with unnatural chemicals like hydrogenated oils and processed sugars like corn syrup. Our bodies don’t have a problem adjusting to high fat diets as long as they are totally natural. Now, it may be easier to split the different between a high fat natural diet and a low fat fake one. So you ought to split the difference. Eat any whole food, but you can speed up the process by eating whole foods which are low in fat and high in vitamins. Avoid starchy types of foods like white potatoes (sweet potatoes are alright) and breads, but don’t completely eliminate them from your diet, and given the choice, always pick that over something unnatural. Even if it says “diet” on the front, the whole food is still better. Avoid high sugar foods but especially avoid corn syrup. I can’t stress that enough. Natural sugar makes you WAY less fat than processed corn syrup, and corn syrup also can give you cancer later in life.

AVOID SODA. Even diet soda, diet soda is a huge scam, it does virtually nothing better for your body than regular soda. Soda is basically like drinking candy. Dropping soda is a huge stepping stone. A 12 oz coke can has 40.5 grams of corn syrup. That’s almost as much as an entire package of skittles, which are pretty much made up entirely of sugar.
AVOID RED MEAT like Pork and Beef. They are not lean meats. Chicken, turkey, and fish are much healthier and are a great substitute for your sources of protein (especially fish, salmon is like a miracle food – low in fat and chock full of just about everything your body needs. Mahi mahi is pretty good for you and catfish isn’t the best, but it’s still better than beef or pork).

Also, most people think the vegetarian diet isn’t good because it lacks protein. I’m not saying go veggie but you should know that this is a myth. Very rarely do vegetarians lack protein because people need a lot less protein than most think. You do need it, but very few people in the U.S. are anywhere near needing more. You will get the right amount. So don’t ever worry about trying to get more in your diet. It will just slow you down in weight loss.
Two more things:
Portion of food is a huge factor in weight loss. Sometimes overeating healthy food can be worse than eating the right amount of a food that is not quite as healthy. Overeating is definitely something to avoid. And I know you’re probably hating to hear that because you don’t want to eat a meal that doesn’t satisfy you and leaves you hungry but a good way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to eat more slowly. Your body takes a while to process the idea that it is no longer hungry, so if you eat more slowly, you will start to realize that you are full before you think you would be full, meaning you can eat less and still be satisfied.
Drinking lots of water actually helps speed up the weight loss process quite a bit.

Also, just to clarify, when I say natural foods, that doesn’t mean you can’t cook them. I count cooking as a natural process. I’m just saying that fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are much better for you than anything frozen or preserved that you find at the store.


My mom is a total health nut and knows all kinds of stuff that she talks about all the time. She has been vegan for 9 years actually and really knows her stuff. She also keeps up to date with whatever medical science finds out in nutrition, so I’m up to date with the latest knowledge too.
Answer 2:
It sounds like you’ve already given up. You know what you like to eat. Well figure out how many calories it contains and reduce the amount of it you eat. Do you eat enough vegetables and fruits? No. Well, then eat more.I know the whole weight loss battle, and I kept expecting other people to do the work for me. But you’ve got to actually be interested in helping yourself. Go to the library and get a health book so you understand how many calories you should be eating from different food groups and why. Then think about what you like to eat, and tweak your menu until it is good.

Second pick two days to work out and DO IT ! Whatever activity you like.

In two weeks, maybe add a third day on and extra time.

Tell your whole family your plans to lose weight. I hope they are supportive, but if not it don’t let it bother you. You are going to do it for you. Possibly see if you can find someone else to work out with you. I suggest having an ipod or Mp3 player to workout.

If you have a job, buy your own food and label it. Don’t touch any other food in the refrigerator besides wheat you bought.

I mean there is so much I could tell you, if you are interested in knowing more please email or IM me.

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