HCG diet

One of the latest methods to lose weight is by dropping a diet called HCG. This method relates to HCG process or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The diet is dropped by injecting HCG into the body in 3 weeks.

HCG is a hormone, produced in a large amount by pregnant in the first stage of pregnancy. The process of redistributing fat is the key to lose weight successfully. Although HCG injections are a valuable source of medicines towards fetus according to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the organization, however, doesn’t accept the use of HCG in weight loss process.

HCG diet

HCG diet

Is HCG diet safe to drop?

HCG diet has been known as creating unexpected results. It only allows a 500-calorie amount per day. Meanwhile, it is stated by a medical expert that it’s bad for your health to absorb too low calorie amount. Going on a too low calorie diet can also cause bad effects to your brain.

It is easily understood that when a person absorb a minimum amount of calories in the diet, her weight will surely reduce but fat will accumulate.

Injecting HCG can also bring about many side effects such as headache, exhaust, depression, blood clots, breast size increase for men and ovary size increase for women.

Although HCG diet may take effect in some ways by helping you drop some weights, however, its side effects are a bit risky. You are recommended to combine going on a diet and doing exercise to burn fat effectively. This way can help you lose real weight and always feel healthy. Make a wise decision when it comes to choosing a weight loss program there are safer roads you can take.

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