harmful effects caused by fruits

Fruits are good for everyone but eating too many fruits causes adverse effects on your health.

Do not eat too many plums

Plums contain a lot of acids which decompose calcium– phosphorus and protein in our body, if the amount of these substances decreases, diseases can arise. Too many acids are not good for digestion. In addition, acids make our stump spoiled, especially kid’s teeth.

Eating to many mandarin oranges causes harm for your stomach

According to the study of experts, we should not eat more than 3 mandarin oranges per day. Because we just need 3 mandarin oranges to have enough vitamine C. Eating too many mandarin oranges causes harm for our palate and teeth.

Especially, we should not eat mandarin oranges when getting hungry, because some substances in this kind of fruit will strongly stimulate our stomach, affecting its normal absorption.

Watermelons cause cold

Watermelons are used to be antypiretic. In hot days, eating some watermelon is good, but this kind of fruit cause cold, eating it usually is not healthy at all, especially for people having digestion problems, usually having a pee at night or having spermatorrhoea.

Bananas inhibit blood vessel

Bananas contain a large amount of Magie. If we eat many bananas when getting hungry, the amount of Mg in plasma will suddenly increase, unbalancing the Mg and Calcium ratio, inhibiting our blood vessel which is not good for health. Therefore, do not eat bananas when getting hungry.

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