Eating Vegetables and fruits, how much is too much and you start gaining weight?


I have to change my diet because of diabetes… and the different meds they put me on make me constantly hungry. I am eating cantaloupe, celery, lots of tomatos, lettuce, cukes, apples, mangos, pineapple. I do know fruits can be sneaky and put extra weight on you, so I mostly eat the veggies… say I was eating 3 tomatos a day, a cuke, half a canteloupe, and a mango, a cup and a half of cottage cheese, a turkey sandwhich… handful of nuts, a bowl of frosted miniwheats… will I gain or lose… thanks, for your help…ps..not all these foods are easy to find caloric counts on, and there are many different calculations, so I was hoping you have some experience with this. Thanks…

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ThanksTranny- went to website you sent, I’m 5′ 4″ 200 lbs. The site says I am 57lbs. overweight. I knew I was developing sugar issues in 2000. I begun a rigorous exc. routine..I got out from behind a desk at work, took a pay cut to work in the field.. cleaning homes, ac duct work etc… I began walking alot, tennis etc. I lost so much I was down to 149… I felt on top of the world…. then early last year I just wore down quick, instead of cleaning 19 rooms a day it went down to eight and then five, I was out of breath all the time, I kept checking my sugar- it was fine. Then Jan this year, I got optic neuritis & vertigo, pretty bad, doc thinks it is early sign of MS. Exersize became a NoNO as I just got worse w/it- doc wanted me to take it easy til I see a neuro.. waiting for medicaid approval, the weight has packed on.. I feel stuck until I see neuro. l’d love to see a menu from you, I’ve been eating alot of fruit this week, I just read thats baaad. Resting reading this am, 137.
This is really impossible for us to answer. First we would need to know how manycalories you *should* consume. That is based on build, height, exercise levels and age (but not much on age). You don’t need to tell me these factors only the calorie numbers

That said if you post your caloric needs I will calculate what your caloric intake is for you. Check out this site… and make sure to include your bone shape (heavy, medium or thin). I will check back later to see if you respond and edit appropriately. Please also add more details about approximately how much of each food and any extras like salad dressing or milk on cereals.

EDIT Okay I am going to run the numbers be back in a little bit. Yes fruit can not be the main source of calories but let me see what I can do.

Turkey- white 2.5oz 110cal
Turkey- dark 2.5oz 130cal
whole wheat 56-60g 138cal
white 56-60g 160cal
Total sandwhich 248-290 cal

Mini Wheats 1cp 175cal
Soy Milk 0.5cp 64cal
Milk -skim 0.5cp 43 cal
Total (you need to add this because you didn’t tell me an amount for this)

Nuts 1oz serving 200cal for macadamia nuts or the lowest being chestnuts at 43 cal per ounce

non fat Cottage cheese 1.5 cups 185cal
1 mango 207g 135cal
0.5 cantaloupe 276g 94cal
1 cucumber 301g 45cal
3 medium tomatoes 123g each 78cal total

Okay losing and gaining is based on input and output
you need 1851 calories to maintain a healthy weight for you. If you consume 2163 you will remain at current weight. If you consume more then you will gain.

Your certain calories are 537cal plus the sandwhich without any dressings or sauces could be 785 to 827.

Plus the cereal which could bring it up to 980- 1067.

Plus the nuts 1022- 1267.

So barring any issues with your metabolism, you would lose weight on the above diet. In fact even the highest amount is still too low for safe weight loss.

So back you go for more, try adding 3oz of legumes which will add about 300 calories, 4oz of greens which will add 50 calories, try adding another cup of cereals or grain and there is another 200 calories. That brings you up to a more reasonable level of caloric intake.

Try putting some more veggies on your sandwich. Work out by filling a bottle of water and whenever you aren’t drinking it use it for a weight and lift it as much as you can. Try sitting properly and focusing on tightening your abs. Go for a gentle 10-15 minute walk after your meals.

Healthy weight is within your grasp. If you have question please email me or check out the site I listed. All calculation came from it and are based on prepared but raw food (except for the turkey and cereal meals). Consider your nuts they can balance and aid your diet or kill before you get started. The key is in the fatty acids ratio and calories.

Source: this site also lists the GI ratings for foods and you can create recipes and entries for food not found in the database. All the food in my real pantry is listed or I have created an entry for in my virtual pantry on this site. I cook for my dog and I and this site enables me to balance our diets.

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