Dukan diet

How to lose weight fast with Dukan diet

How to lose weight fast with Dukan diet

You want to lose weight? You have applied many methods but haven’t got success? Let’s try Dunkan Diet to see the difference!

What is Dunkan Diet?

Dunkan Diet is a protein-based diet set up by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a France expert on nutrition and cuisine.

How does Dukan diet work?

Like any other protein-based diets, Dukan diet follows a four-phase program. This includes protein increase, fat reduction and appetite loss. Moreover, proteins are absorbed, helping to lose a large amount of calories and lose weight without any muscle exercises. This program also concludes “post-diet” period, helping you avoid gaining weight again after going back to normal regimen.

Dukan diet stages

  1. Attack phase: you only eat protein-rich foods such as meat, chicken, fish, and non-fat foods. This phase often lasts 3 to 10 days depending on your targets.
  2. Cruise phase: it is also similar to “attack phase” but you should eat more vegetables and fruits, except for starch-rich foods such as potatoes, corn, and bean.etc. You should change these two phases until you get your goal weight. (losing maximum amount of 1kg per week is the best)
  3. Consolidation phase: You gradually go back to your normal regimen to avoid massive weight gain again. With one kilo lost in 2 phases before, you can follow normal regimen in 10 days.
  4. Stabilization phase: you follow normal regimen and remember two gold rules: One day of the week dieters are instructed to eat only protein and one meal in a day is filled with starch.

Some types of foods suggested for the first phase of Dukan diet: Meat, beef and chicken, fish, non-fat foods, water, tea, coffee. A one-day example of a dieter in the first phrase:

  1. Breakfast: drink tea or non-sugar coffee, 1 or 2 oz non-fat yogurts, 2 grams of non-fat cottage cheese, a slide of turkey, a boiled egg or a cake.
  2. Morning snack: 1 oz non-fat yogurt or 2 grams of non-fat cottage cheese.
  3. Lunch:  fish, bread with meat, 1 ration of cheese or cake.
  4. Afternoon snack: 1 oz yogurt or 2 grams of non-fat cottage cheese.
  5. Dinner: chicken liver, a boiled egg, fish or 1 oz yogurt.

Some types of foods suggested for the 2nd phase of Dukan diet:

This phase includes all types of foods in phase 1 and vegetables such as potatoes, corn, and bean.etc.

Can Dukan diet take effect?

The attack phase will surely help you lose weight considerably.

Advantages of Dukan diet:

  1. Losing weight quickly at the beginning and then slower.
  2. Including a fixed and long-term meal plan and recipes.

Disadvantages of Dukan diet:

Because the first phase doesn’t include much fiber, you may get costive. Also, because it is a protein-based diet, you may be lack of nutrition. So you need to supplement your body with vitamins and minerals in this phase.

As a result of eating many eggs and meat, the amount of fat in your blood may increase.


Like other diets, Dukan diets can lead to nutrition shortages for your body. So you should go to your doctor for advices and get enough necessary vitamins and minerals.

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