Does running make you lose weight or help you lose a stomach?


So i’m planning to lose weight and trying to think of sports that i could do . i was planning on running and/or swimming . so does swimming or running help lose stomach fat . and im planning on running or swimming daily starting my summer vacation which is for 3 months . how much do you think i will lose if i run or swim for an hour each day ? thanks :)


I’ve found a few simple ways to lose weight effectively, without furrowing your brow and beating your chest in despair.

There are a ton of weight loss programs out there — all making promises — so it can be hard to know what to do in order to make a plan work for you. If you burn more calories than you lose, you will lose weight. This is a simple concept and most people understand it. Although simple, it can be hard to even lose a little weight. With some small adaptations to your diet, smart choices and easy decisions, weight loss will start to come naturally.

Some changes you could start with are having vegetable soup, sandwiches or wraps for lunch. If you make a vegetable soup, blend it up and the texture will remind you of creamed soups, but without the fat. Adding fresh or freshly ground herbs (an herb grinder works well for this) to the soup will work wonders for the taste. 

If you grab a snack, be sure and look at the label for fat content. Wholegrain crackers or yogurt or a low fat string cheese are great things to nibble on. Use reduced fat dairy and spray on oils, or better yet, a little olive oil.

Cut all visible fat off meat and remove chicken skin before you cook it. You could brush on a little olive oil to provide an alternative to the meat fat. By grilling, steaming or roasting your food, you will save a ton of calories.

Food cooking in fat will absorb it. Food steamed or grilled will not. One method of preparing tasty vegetables is to cut them up, brush with a little olive oil, sprinkle on some fresh or freshly ground herbs, and then roast in the oven. This is a delicious way to prepare them.

Always have breakfast if you can, and regular low calorie snacks throughout the day. Keeping your hunger at bay will prevent overeating. Limit your alcohol intake as alcohol is just empty carbohydrates. Serve your food on a smaller plate so that it looks bigger, or when dining out, put half of the meal in a take home box immediately. Out of sight is better than in sight.

Exercise and watch less TV. If the task of losing weight still seems a bit daunting, try a few things first, then increase the tips and tricks. You have to think about losing weight, but trying a few of these tips will have you started along the right path in no time. Check out great Space Case herb grinders and natural aromatherapy herbs to help along this weight loss program.

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