Does being overweight automatically give people the right to treat you unhuman like?


Give noticed that overweight people seem to get treated like they are worthless and unhuman, by (usually the superficial types) skinny people.
Is this like some unwritten right? should one just suck it up and let it go?


Answer 1:

Definitely not a right, any more than calling a Black person a “n*****” is acceptable behavior. (I starred that out myself, in case you’re wondering — Yahoo didn’t do it.) Weight-based bigotry is still bigotry, and still despicable.

And no, you should not “suck it up and let it go.” That’s what a lot of Germans did in the late 1930s, when the Nazis were ascending into power — and look where that got those who remained quiet. Those who say nothing when evil deeds are done are, at best, missing an opportunity to do good. At worst, they are complicit in that evil.

Especially if you’re talking about women, the stick-figure “ideal” that society currently has is grotesque. Real women aren’t shaped like sticks — they get that way by starving themselves, or, worse, binging and purging. If a person’s weight is high enough that is creates legitimate medical risk, then they need help from a doctor, not torment from society.

Personally, I find stick-women unattractive. I’m not a “fat-fetishist,” either — I simply think women should look like women, curves and all. When I think of all the harm, to females of all ages, that’s been done by pressure to look like a “supermodel,” it absolutely makes me sick. Those who torment those who struggle with weight issues deserve to be launched into space. With air, food, and water, of course — I’m not trying to be cruel and KILL them, after all — just get them away from the rest of us. Giving them their own colony in the warmest part of Antarctica would work just as well, and cost less, to boot.

I’m a teacher. I see this kind of cruelty frequently, and I hate it.
Answer 2:
I wish I was overweight so people can start treating me like a person and not a sex symbol. you wont understand how it feels to be naturally thin and pretty and have guys come up to you in bars just to talk and get laid or guys whisteling at you. Let me not get into the strangers who come up and try to kiss you or who expose themselves. on several occasions I have men jerking off on the subway while staring at me. I do live in Brooklyn so that may play a huge part on how i come across such weirdos.
it makes you feel sooo gross and dirty that i come home everyday and try to scrub off the dirtiness that men make me feel. I literally take 3-4 showers a day and never feel clean. Just the stares, knowing that the guy across from you on the train is undressing you in his mind. or the guy who rubs himself on you on the crowded train during rush hour, not a good way to start your day off.
I even cut myself so I can show guys “look, i’m ugly. i am crazy. stop looking at me”
I have a friend who went from being beautiful (forced into modeling as a teenager, beauty pagent winnter, etc..) and when she finally went and lived on her own she just gained so much weight so she won’t be viewed as the pretty ones. She used to come home and cry whenever someone made a move on her on the first date or if a male “friend” tried to make a move on her. She felt that she could not even have male friends who did not want to sleep with her. She felt soo bad about herself. Her insecurity was so low and always wondered how she would find a man who would like her for her and not like her cause he wants to sleep with her.
my point is that it does not matter if you are overweight, underweight or just the right weight people always treat others like unhuman.

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